'For Honor' Developer Ubisoft Claims More Than 6 Million Beta Tests Players, 1.8 Million Engage In PC Trials

By Paige McClure , Updated Feb 19, 2017 03:20 AM EST

"For Honor", Ubisoft's ace video game has just undergone its beta test with the participation of more than six million beta test players. This is the biggest open beta test on PC ever in the history of the game developer company-Ubisoft. Additionally, a big number of gamers with a total of 1.8 million had been engaged in the PC trials. It was reported that the participants had logged in more than two billion minutes in all trials in all three platforms, the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

 It can be recalled that the beta version of "For Honor" features the Vikings, Samurai and the Knights factions. Each of the beta testers had selected the faction to play and each performance were tracked down to get the scores, as revealed by Gamenguide. Those who were interested to participate in the beta tests joined by signing up and logging into their own Ubisoft account.

According to Gamerant, the open beta test revealed that the Knights Faction surfaced as the winners in the War of the Factions. The winning team were given Emblems of Power with golden frames. These rewards of the beta tests as well as other bonuses that were given as dole out had become available to those who had purchased the game.

It is such an outstanding achievement for the game, when it drew the attention of those who were patiently waiting for its release. Looking closely at the figures, it can be deduced that "For Honor" had succeeded in the open beta tests boasting of unique players who have helped in the review of the game. For more update on the game, stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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