'NiOh' First Paid DLC: Release Details Revealed With 1-Eyed Dragon Hint

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 25, 2017 01:55 AM EST

The "NiOh" publisher, Koei Tecmo recently announced the first story DLC coming to the action RPG late in April 2017. The DLC is slated to be released as "The Dragon of Tohoku" in Japan and the "Dragon of the North" in the west. It is said that the name of the DLC points to Date "dokuganryu" Masamune or the "one-eyed dragon."

Date Masamune Comes To "NiOh" via DLC

Furthermore, the Tohoku Region is also said to be the location of Masamune's domains which includes the city of Sendai, which Masamune founded in 1600. It should also be noted that 1600 is the central year of the story in "NiOh." Apparently, the DLC will feature William's travels to Japan's northern provinces that may bring him to Sendai. Koei Tecmo also confirmed that Date Masamune himself will be present in the DLC.

The key art of the upcoming content also features Masamune in his iconic armor, helmet with a crescent moon-shaped maedate and eyepatch. "NiOh" is also slated to gain an appropriate dragon spirit, Dual Shockers reported. Moreover, "NiOh" is said to take sides with William, considering that he was a loyal ally of Tokugawa Ieyasu. The "NiOh" publisher also revealed that two more episodes will be coming to the PS4 exclusive game after the DLC release in April.

Season Pass Owners Get Total Of Three DLCs

In other news, recent reports reveal that "NiOh" is getting high-difficulty missions in late March, Destructoid reported. It should be noted that there are 10 types of missions in "NiOh" along with missions with the feel of boss rushes. In the meantime, the PVP Update coming to "NiOh" in April is expected to bring yokai to the game.

"NiOh" first paid DLC is also set to bring in new weapon types and characters as well as a plethora of new scenarios and guardian spirits. Two more DLCs are also expected to be released by Team Ninja this year which includes "Japan's Best Warrior" and "Peaceful and Tranquil." Note that the "NiOh" season pass includes all three add-ons for $25. Check out more about the first DLC below:


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