'Diablo III' Gameplay Experts Explain Rares; Blizzard Games 'Starcraft 2','Hearthstone' Require Windows XP, Vista OS Upgrade

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 26, 2017 11:35 PM EST

"Diablo III" gamers discuss the objective of rares drops in the game debating the use or waste of it. Apparently, several users believe that rare drops may just be like salvage items. In the meantime, other gamers see the potential of it.

Gamers Questions Commonality of Rares

The Battle.net user mantequilla started the thread to discuss the point of rares dropping in the game. The post is said to question the validity of the drops noting that the rolled stats of legendary or set item effects do not matter anymore as they are too powerful. He notes finding the exact same item with better stats making everything else instant salvage material, MMO Examiner reported.

It should be noted that rare items in "Diablo III" have been of higher quality than Magic items and are yellow in color. Moreover, just like Magic items, Rares also have selected attributes but have up to six attributes in "Diablo III." In response to the post, user Teridax rebutted that rares are similar to crafting fodder past level 70 like blues, whites, and grays before that.

In addition, user Darkness also explained how the system in "Diablo III" was used in the previous game noting that Square Enix had to implement crafting like in D2. Moreover, special rares may require specific rares and items like gems. Furthermore, the godliest items in D2 have been noted as rare items which were upgraded. It has also been noted that if rares may be dropped as salvaged materials if they do not fit within the set-based builds.

Blizzard Ends Vista Support For "Diablo III"

In other news, Windows XP and Windows Vista users may need to upgrade their OS to continue playing Blizzard's games. It should be remembered that games like "World of Warcraft," "Hearthstone," and "Diablo III" requires at least Windows 7 to play. "Starcraft 2" and "Heroes of the Storm" players on OS lower than Windows 7 should also update their OS to continue playing the games.

"Diablo III" developers noted that the said change would take effect later this year, PC Gamer reported. Note that Microsoft dropped support for the two OS in 2009 (XP) and 2012 (Vista). However, a decent portion of the player base has been noted to still play on the platforms so Blizzard continued to support them. On the other hand, at this point, a vast majority of Blizzard's gamers have already upgraded which resulted in ceasing support for the OS. In the meantime, check out a "Diablo III" DLC below:


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