'Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition', Remaster FPS, Graphics & Features On Echo Mode, New Gameplay Coming Up For PS4 & Xbox One.

By Paige McClure , Updated Feb 26, 2017 10:44 PM EST

"Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition" is in for its big launch to feature the remastered first person shooter game that includes enhanced graphics and audio. Moreover, it will come with a new campaign mode allowing the use of a variety of weapons to accumulate Echo mode scores and move on to the next level. It is not a long way off because it is coming up soon in April 2017.

The remastered "Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition" will be released by Gearbox Interactive with a Duke Nukem DLC, especially for those game players who will preorder the game, according to Gamerant.

This game, which has been remastered from the 2011 original will come more improved with high resolution textures, greater polygon counts, and more smooth frame rates. For those players using the PC and PS4 Pro can play in significant 4K resolution.

Likewise, as reported by PCGamer, "Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition" will allow the game player to strike opponents with electro whips that can create spike traps and explosions. The game player will play the character of Duke Nukem in a new campaign with new dialogues. This game edition comes with new content add-ons and new features for a more exciting gaming experience.

As a background to those who are newbies of the game, the story of "Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition" takes off from the character of Grayson Hunt and his team who have crashed into a remote planet. The commander of the ship had betrayed them, hence to survive he has to lead his team to stage a revenge. This is where the story of the fight will revolve.

"Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition" will be released on April 7, 2017. For continuing update of the game, stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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