'God Of War 4' New Features & Gameplay: Not A Reboot, Coming Up In 2017 On PlayStation 4

By Paige McClure , Updated Feb 28, 2017 04:33 AM EST

 The new "God Of War 4" is a new game with a new gameplay crafted by Santa Monica Studio. This game is not a reboot of the previous games but developed to bring in a different and more exciting game ever imagined. The new game will unravel hidden secrets and this is intended for the PS4 platform.

In a report by PCAdvisor, the new "God Of War 4" tells of the emotional journey of Kratos, an immortal demigod who makes a decision to change. The game is re-imagined to give the players a fresh experience on the game. The Kratos in this new game is a changed man from a violent to a more restrained individual. Providing the cinematic effects is the shift from the wide angle to the more closer angles focused on Kratos shoulders.

At the same time, Denofgeek has reported that the new preview of the game shows a different world from that of the previous instalments of "God of War 4". In the trailer, Kratos is shown trekking through the woods with his son on a simple hunting journey. Kratos is sporting an axe, which he uses not only for chopping firewood but also for chopping demons.

"God Of War 4" has other characters shown in the trailer to include the figure that resembles a ghost, a fairy and a giant snake. The trailer is just a teaser that gives the game players their first look of the new game. However, until this report, the game is still under development. As announced by Cory Barlog, the Director, the game will be released for a single - player only.

For more information and update of "God Of War 4", game players are encouraged to stay tuned to Gamenguide.

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