'For Honor' Beta Guardbreak Fixes Shugoki Bug; Valkyrie Bloodlust Feat Triggered For Kills

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 02, 2017 03:32 AM EST

"For Honor" developers issued the 1.03 patch for the PC game on Feb. 28, while Ubisoft announced that the first big post-launch update is already set to arrive on the console platforms within the week. It should be noted that the update has already been submitted for Microsoft and Sony certification and the release date is expected to be announced soon.

Valkyrie Can Now Do What He Was Intended To Do

The patch notes for the recently released "For Honor" update revealed that Guardbreak will be reverted back to the game's beta gameplay mechanics. The patch also fixed a bug on Shugoki as players reported to lose the "Hard to Kill" feat upon death. Ubisoft also addressed several bugs with Orochi and Berserker as the AOE feats cease if the player stopped moving.

In addition, the Valkyrie Bloodlust Feat has just been triggered on all types of kills. Moreover, the "Rush" feat animation transition bug from idle to sprint animations was also tweaked via the patch. "For Honor" players should also note that the patch fixed the camera clipping issues with walls on executions, WCCF Tech reported.

Several tweaks have also been made on the Peacekeeper during the "For Honor Beta" which is said to have caused unintended changes in "For Honor." Note that the stab attack range was increased from 1m to 2m. The Guardbreak and Bleed stacking bug was also fixed.

Knights Vs Samurais Vs Vikings

Meanwhile, the story mode of "For Honor" takes note of the mysterious warrior Apollyon as he instigates war among the factions of the land. Note that "For Honor" has three factions which include the Legion or knights, the Warboron or Vikings and the Chosen or samurai. The "For Honor" story is split into three parts with each focusing on each of the factions.

"For Honor" players will be able to see the point of view of each side to be able to understand their conflict. As the motives of each faction unfolds, the underlying theme of the war and the game will be revealed as well. Take note however that the storyline is just average and may not have a lot of in-depth character building, dialogue or backstory, The Post Athens reported. Take a look at the Knight Campaign below:


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