'Horizon Zero Dawn' Guide: How To Complete Last Hidden Cauldron, Tallneck Override

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 02, 2017 03:54 AM EST

"Horizon Zero Dawn" who have been trying to acquire the All Cauldrons Completed Trophy may have come to a point where the last cauldron may have been a difficult undertaking. On that note, a gameplay video has been released online in an attempt to help gamers complete their last cauldron. Several other "Horizon Zero Dawn" hacks such as overriding every Tallneck in the game has been unveiled as well.

Three-Minute Gameplay Reveals Location of Hidden Entrance

Take note that the gameplay video is cautious enough not to become spoiler-free while exploring every nook and cranny of the Cauldron Zeta, Polygon reported. It has been noted that the Cauldron Zeta is one of the toughest fights in "Horizon Zero Dawn". In the meantime, community members of "Horizon Zero Dawn" have also been digging much deeper into the game to further their mastery over the game's robostic bestiary.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" gamers may also find expert tips to find the strange metal flowers located across the map alongside the Cauldron Zeta hacks. Moreover, a round up location data for all the Grazer Dummies hiding on Nora land has been hacked as well. Note that aside from flexible gameplay, the game comes with a new setting and excellent storytelling as well.

Amazing Photography Skills Showcased Through Photo Mode

In other news, gamers have been playing with the robust photo mode in the RPG. "Horizon Zero Dawn" gamers are allowed to tinker with the mode in a number of ways including angles, aperture, brightness, color, depth of field and time of day, among others. Furthermore, gamers may also add a border, logo or a fancy vignette to their photos as well, Kotaku reported.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" gamers have shared a variety of photos all over the web. Several gamers have showcased the female protagonist in combat, in mid air and just exploring. The glorious plethora of environments in "Horizon Zero Dawn" has also been revealed showcasing the gamers' photography skills. Watch how to find the hidden entrance below:


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