Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works With PC

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Mar 03, 2017 05:42 AM EST

Nintendo has a big gamble when it comes to the Switch and to tip the scales in their favor they need to provide future clients with as much content and options as possible. For now their ideas on the online platform and most importantly, the hybrid build of the console are doing a good job, but it never hurts to have a few more tricks up your sleeve.

Nintendo has long announced its new console Switch and its release date. With the passing days, the company has revealed information about the console’s hardware, its capabilities, longevity, game catalogue and accessories. One of the accessories is the Pro Controller. It is a controller for the Switch, which ditches the Joy-Con’s minimalistic design and goes for classic controller build, which gamers know from XBOX and Playstation consoles.

Game Rant reports that the price of the accessory is considered quite steep, keeping in mind that the console comes with two perfectly functioning controllers, but it has a few special features which are worth noticing. Among them is the possibility to connect the controller to your PC and use it to play your favorite games. So, if a standard controller for your new console and a spare controller for you PC is your thing, feel free to order it together with your Switch.

IGN has shared a list of prices for some of the accessories coming with the Nintendo Switch. According to the list, a Pro Controller for Nintendo’s new console will cost $69.99. Individual left or right Joy-Con controller is set at the price of $49.99, where a double pack of controllers comes at $79.99. In case that a Nintendo Switch dock set malfunctions or gets broken, the owner will be able to replace it at the price of $89.99. Considering that a standard Dualshock controller for the PS 4 is set on roughly $60 and the controller for XBOX One shares a similar price, one can see where the concerns about Nintendo’s Pro Controller are coming from.

Traditional media has not kept shy from Nintendo’s pricing of accessories. BBC has shared a detailed description of the price choice for the Swtich console and its accessories. The article cites popular gaming sites’ description of Nintendo’s pricing as a bad joke. This much bad publicity surrounding their prices, paired with their choice of making online interaction paid creates an unsettling image for the console’s future. Whether Nintendo will adjust the prices, or decide to change its policy toward online play is not yet known and highly improbable. Sadly, this could cost a whole console’s future turning it into a WIIU 2.0.

The Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3, 2017 – Worldwide at the price of $299.99

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