'Dragon Quest Heroes 2' PS4: Preorder Explorer Edition On Amazon; Publisher Confirms PC Version With 15 Free Weapons; New Trailer Releases

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 04, 2017 05:46 AM EST

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2" Explorer's Edition for PS4 on Amazon is now open for pre-orders. A listing for the sequel has been put up and interested buyers of the bundle can look up from the shopping website.

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2" Explorer's Edition Adds Free DLC Weapons

The "Dragon Quest Heroes 2" Explorer's Edition is reported to come with 15 weapons that can be downloaded, including a reversible cover. The weapons include Drackerang, Archdemon Arcs, Golem Gauntlets, Gem Slime Sword, Goodybag Abacus, Imp's Fork, Great Sabreclaws, Plat o' One Tails, Night Club, Robo-Razor, Robo-Bow, Shadowblade, Royal Flush, Slime Stack Stick and Slime Knight's Shield.

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2" also features multiplayer that four players can play online. Furthermore, the sequel brings more role-playing elements given new towns to discover, new playable characters and the introduction of a job system, including ability to transform into a monster.

The "Dragon Quest Heroes 2" Explorer's Edition is set for release on PS4 on April 25 in North America. PS3 and PlayStation Vita players in Japan will also have the chance to be ported to the Nintendo Switch, Game Idealist reported.

Publisher Confirms "Dragon Quest Heroes 2" PC Version

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2" will have a PC version as confirmed by game publisher Square Enix. Reports also suggest that the port will be launched on April 25 for the North American region.

"Dragon Quest Heroes 2", meantime, is developed by the same team behind the spinoff "One Piece" and the "Dynasty Warriors" series, the Omega Force. The sequel was launched in May last year in Japan. Based on the previous reviews, the game experience is essential for any Dragon Quest fan. Meanwhile, Square Enix has recently released a new trailer to provide an overview of the game's plot, GameSpot reported. Watch "Dragon Quest Heroes 2". Overview Trailer here:


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