Ultra Street Fighter 4 News: Decapre Not Just a Cammy Clone - Everything You Need to Know

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 17, 2014 03:31 PM EDT

The only actual new (still debatable) character coming to Ultra Street Fighter IV when the game hits this Spring, Decapre was only just revealed earlier today. A brief mashup of gameplay footage sprinkled with some anime cuts made the Shadowloo doll's actions a bit difficult to discern.  

At first glance, it's easy to dismiss Decapre as a simple palette swap of Cammy. After all, they're both blondes with the same pigtails, body type, gauntlets, even Decapre's outfit was worn by Cammy and the rest of the Shadowloo dolls. About the only difference between the two characters is a Decapre's mask covering a rather large scar (compared to Cammy's minscule one), and a blade that protrudes from her right gauntlet.

Thanks to an IGN hands on with the femme fatale, there's a bit more to her than just a Cammy clone. Here's what's been gleaned about her so far, courtesy of Eventhubs:

- She plays similarly to Juni from Street Fighter Alpha 3, another doll, but her normal attacks are similar to Cammy's. . 
- Decapre is a charge character who is very mix-up heavy.
- She can perform her Spiral Arrow attack in the air, but being that it's a charge move, it'll mostly be used when jumping backward.
- Has a command dash special move in which she becomes invisible for a portion of it. It can travel horizontally, or take her up into the air, (the stream notes that she goes up at around 45 and 70 degree angles).
- She has multiple follow up moves from the command dash, including a dive kick, returning to her starting point, dropping straight down, a ground pound, and more.
- She has an uppercut move that is performed like a Flash Kick, (holding down for 2 seconds, then hitting up and attack).
- Her Psycho Stream Ultra is very much like Dhalsim's Yoga Catastrophe, but travels further. It moves slowly across screen, and hits a total of 9 hits. It has a fairly slow start up, so using it when an opponent is getting up could leave you susceptible to a reversal Ultra.
- If you use her air command dash and do not use one of the follow ups, once the dash animation is over you can proceed to hit air normals. The stream notes that ComboFiend showed a particular set up where Decapre used the medium version of her air command dash from about 80% of the screen away from the opponent, and was able to successfully hit a cross up attack.
- She has an overhead attack that hits from a very far distance away.
- Her Super and command dashes, although resembling teleports, do not have projectile invulnerability.
- Decapre also has a Hundred Hand Slap type move where she runs forward and hits multiple times.
- She can perform target combos as well, one of which puts the opponent into a juggle state.
- Decapre's DCM (Ultra 2) is a combo Ultra with a 3 frame start up. There are three different versions of U2: a ground version that moves horizontally, an anti-air, and another anti-air that hits at a different angle, (like her air command dash moves). ComboFiend hit a crouch heavy punch into DCM on stream. He also hit teleport - EX ground pound follow up into U2.
- The regular ground pound move isn't safe on block.
- She has more in common with Vega than just the blade and the mask. For example, her close heavy punch also hits twice.
- Command dashes have a red line as a visual indication of which she is using. The EX version of ground command dash can be used to escape pressure after she's knocked down. ComboFiend notes that she has escape options that don't necessarily lead to attacks, but will get her out of harm's way.
- The Capcom team is focusing heavily on balancing Decapre in order to avoid her being overpowered upon release. Due to the utility of her Ultras, ComboFiend mentions that she will be a candidate for Ultra Combo Double.
- As she stands right now, Decapre is only 85% complete. She is subject to change by the time Ultra Street Fighter 4 is released in June.

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