‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands' Released On PC, Xbox One & PS4

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Mar 14, 2017 10:14 AM EDT

“Ghost Recon: Wildlands” has finally been released. After months of anticipation, fans of UbiSoft can finally get some firsthand experience with the title. Was the wait worth it? What news has UbiSoft delivered with the title?

Forbes magazine shares a merciless review when it comes to some of the bugs encountered in the game. One of them is the possibility of getting your vehicle stuck within an invisible wall, which can be a problem for a few different reasons. As it is stated in the beginning of the article, this is UbiSoft’s biggest world to date and losing your vehicle can lead to time wasted walking on foot in search of a faster option. Another problem stated in the article are the AI companions of which the player cannot rid under any circumstances. The journalist claims to have gotten on a helicopter and flown off before they got in it, but they would just teleport inside. This is easily understandable as a feature of the game allowing you not to wait for the AI, in heavy moments, but it is irritating that the player cannot completely rid himself of them.

An opinion on the game has been shared by Kotaku too. Their article reveals that the game turns into quite the fun experience when a friend is around. Forging tactics together and executing the plan in unison bring a feeling of teamwork which can rarely be rivaled. Another positive trait of the game is the smooth transition from third person into the first person perspective when shooting a weapon. The animation is well made and the new perspective allows for better and more natural aim.

When it comes to the world, it is giant, with amazing possibilities. Every part of the "Ghost Recon: Wildlands" map has intel which when gathered allows access to missions. The missions can be tackled in different ways, but after prolonged play feel kind of tedious. Still, inciting a battle between two factions through a single well placed bullet has never felt so amazing. But this brings about the game’s main problem, which it shares with “The Division”. It is the fact the you play an over glorified governmental murderer. There is no backbone to it, no comment from the character on his actions, no point where you have been pushed into questioning your own actions and motives.

GameSpot shares the strongest point on which the game relies and that is the full freedom of action. The player is free to make his own choice on how to tackle a mission and no choice is better, it all relies on the player’s decision for as long as it gets the job done. This way the game can appeal to both stealth fans and people who are just looking for a quick massacre to blow off some steam with. Even though it has its flaws, “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” is still a good title, which will leave a strong impression to fans of the first two “Far Cry” titles. “Ghost Recon: Wildlands” is available on PC, PS 4 and XBOX One.

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