‘Overwatch’ Crossovers To ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’: Orisa Background Revealed

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 10, 2017 10:08 PM EST

"Overwatch" has a new hero, a robot named Orisa created by an 11-year-old Efi and was made to be a force for good. Interestingly, the next hero could have been included in "Horizon Zero Dawn".

"Overwatch's" New Hero Orisa Is A Great CrossOver Material

This open world action-RPG game "Overwatch" happens a thousand years from now, in an era where robotic animals have full control of the earth. While others appear like bulls, such as the Striders, some are like saber-tooth tigers, such as the Sawtooths. According to reports, if a robot centaur appears, this would not surprise Aloy at all.

"Overwatch's" Orisa is expected to be tried out by Aloy without much difficulty, given how well she was able to tame other machines in  "Horizon Zero Dawn". It is also worth noting that Oriza is equipped with a machine gun and a shield in "Overwatch," which means she would not need any more bow and arrow. As such, some reports suggest that she would also be stealing from a kid, which is believed to be not a good move for Aloy.

However, none of this could ever be found out, unless Guerilla teams up with Blizzard and give "Overwatch" and "Horizon Zero Dawn" a great crossover for some DLC that the company is currently working on. After all, no one expected that Guerilla would get a nice crossover material with a new game two days following its release, Twinfinite reported.

"Overwatch's" New Hero Orisa Created Out of Saturday Morning Cartoons

"Overwatch's" new hero Orisa, which is now live to play on the PTR servers, was created out of the fictional "Overwatch" Saturday morning cartoons as well as game design. This was revealed by lead writer Michael Chu, who added that the robotic tank's story did not only begin coming together after her first design.

According to "Overwatch" lead writer Chu, Orisa was unconventional in many ways, which was difficult to come to terms with, given her horns, her four legs and her being a robot. In addition, Orisa has an animal locomotion, a huge frame and a personality that is difficult to encapsulate. However, Efi, the child genius, was able to overcome the challenges, Express reported. Watch "Overwatch" New Hero Orisa here:


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