‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ News: Multiplayer Cancellation An EA Standard Like 'Battlefield 1'

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 15, 2017 10:41 PM EDT

"Mass Effect Andromeda" upcoming EA Access trial is said to be locked to the first planet of the campaign. Reports are claiming that the developers aim to prevent spoilers from getting too far out of hand. Furthermore, gamers are also encouraged to hit up the multiplayer.

Multiplayer Beta Cancelled

Apparently, too much focus on the Single Player mode is said to have led to the cancellation of the multiplayer for the "Mass Effect Andromeda" beta recently. However, this may be a standard for EA Access trials, PVP Live reported. Take note that the EA Access trial for "Battlefield 1" allowed access to the multiplayer for a set period of time. In addition, the same game only allowed a few single player missions.

It has been announced that the "Mass Effect Andromeda" beta has been cancelled. Apparently, no reason was given for the cancellation of the beta. However, it should be noted that the developers are currently still letting gamers try out the game at the PAX East before the EA Access period commences on March 16. Fortunately, the game will be unlocked on March 21. However, Origin Access or EA Access may not exist for the PS4 console.

Game May Run Faster Than 30 FPS

Meanwhile, the "Mass Effect Andromeda" producer Michael Gamble clarified queries about the the 3GB GTX 1060 delivering 30 fps at best on high. Gamble noted that the performance of the game depends on the machine. However, it is said to be difficult to benchmark individual machines.

"Mass Effect Andromeda" running at 30fps is said to be the bare minimum without being specific. Hence, the game may run higher than 30fps for most of the game, PC Gamer reported. Gamble revealed that with his 1060 machine, the game may run higher than 30 frames per second for the majority of the game.Listen to the news about the beta cancellation below:


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