‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Almost Featured Guns

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Mar 15, 2017 04:33 AM EDT

“Horizon: Zero Dawn” is Sony’s strongest launch title, being both successful on the market and with critics, it has become a milestone of success and a very good example of a game done right. Even though, now the immersive post-apocalypse experience of bow and arrow action seems more than natural for the gameplay, it was not always like that. Here is a surprising fact shared by the game’s director himself.

Gameranx reports that the story behind a game’s creation is always impressive, especially if it is a title on the rank of “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. These stories bring both inspiration and admiration in fans and are a testament to the thought put in making the title. A fan of the game shared his distress on Twitter, by asking for guns to never be added in the game and if they are available to be dropped by downed enemies and not encountered. As a response, Mathijs de Jonge, the director of “Horizon: Zero Dawn” has shared that guns will never become part of the game. Not only that, but in the early process in the game’s development, they actually had guns implemented. The gunpowder weapons felt somewhat unnatural in the title and were later on completely removed from it.

GameRant has shared some surprising and fun statistics about “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. Among them are the statistical numbers of downed enemies. Apparently, players of “Horizon” do not like turkeys, as 20 million of them have been slain since the game’s release. Even though quite the impressive number, it is not even close to 152 million downed Watchers. The famous and dangerous Thunderjaw has been brought down by hunters whole 1.4 million times, which even though not quite as impressive as the rest of the numbers is still quite the achievement.

“Horizon: Zero Dawn” has ran quite well and almost without problems on the PS4. Now, PSU reports that the 1.3 patch has been released coming to help with the few technical issues the game possesses. The size of the patch is 228MB and it fixes multiple crash and progression issues as stated in the short patchnotes coming the update. Previous patch 1.2 worked on improving performance, ridding the game of stuck glitches and updated the game’s visual settings, which is a reason enough, for the newer patch to be quite humble in its descriptions. “Horizon: Zero Dawn” is available on PS 4.

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