‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Guide: How to Court Suvi

By Allan , Updated Mar 23, 2017 05:55 AM EDT

One of the NPCs players can woo in “Mass Effect: Andromeda” is Suvi or the human science officer in Tempest. This NPC is, unfortunately, available only for players who choose female characters. Wooing a character in the game is not really easy because players need to talk and do missions for them to increase their affection. So in this article, players who want to romance Suvi will learn just how to do it.

How to Court Suvi in “Mass Effect: Andromeda”

Compared to the other NPCs, Suvi is one of the easiest to romance in the game according to Primagames. Although players will still go through a number of triggers to get her, she doesn’t require a loyalty mission to win her affection. Instead, the player just needs to follow a sequence of actions to be successful.

As players enter the Tempest for the first time, there will be a chance encounter with Suvi and players needs to choose the dialogue “I could show you.” Then the next sequence will be when they settle in Prodomos, which is the first colony players will find in Eos, players must go to Suvi and talk to her again. This time, choose the dialogue “We should chat about this more.”

The next encounter will happen after the player finishes the A Trail of Hope mission and return to the Tempest according to PC Gamer. Talk again with Suvi and choose the dialogue “You’re not alone” to further improve the player’s relationship with her. Then after finishing the Hunting the Archon Mission, head back to Tempest and speak with Suvi again in the bridge. At this part, players will finally be able to commit a relationship with Suvi. If players choose Suvi, keep in mind that they will no longer be able to commit or flirt with any other NPC beside a fling with Keri T’Vessa.

Committing a Relationship with Suvi

To seal the deal and make Suvi their romantic partner in the game, players will need to finish two more sequences. The first one is to finish the Journey to Meridian mission and take the time to read the emails that Suvi sent. Take note that players need to finish the bridge sequence before this part will trigger. Then head to Nexus’ Tech Lab to find Suvi where players can trigger a new sequence that will show a romance scene between them and Suvi.

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