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Activision Presents The Ultimate Fan Experience, Call Of Duty XP 2016

‘Call Of Duty Modern Warfare’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Minimum PC Specs For Remastered Version Revealed

Nov 01, 2016 07:21 PM EDT

The remastered version of “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” from Raven Software that is scheduled to come out this month will have certain PC requirements and all that has now been revealed. “Call of Duty Modern Warfare” is expected to be released alongside “Infinte Warfare”.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Bethesda

‘Fallout 4’ Mods Release Date, Latest News & Updates: When Will Sony Release Them For The PS4?

Nov 01, 2016 07:19 PM EDT

“Skyrim Special Edition” debuted with game mods in tow and the belief is that “Fallout 4” could be following soon. Unfortunately there is no official word from Bethesda and Sony as of to date, meaning gamers will have to hold on and wait on when the PS4 mods will become available.

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Bangkok

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: The Search For Reliable Real-Time Trackers Is On!

Nov 01, 2016 07:14 PM EDT

FastPokeMap is down once again and the blame has been pinned on Niantic Labs. The tracker was supposed to aid “Pokemon Go” players to help in finding spawn locators but the third-party app has been suffering from outages and needs multiple reboots to stay up.

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Bangkok

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips, Latest News & Updates: PokeMesh, PokeWhere Picking Up From FastPokeMap?

Nov 01, 2016 07:02 PM EDT

FastPokeMap has sputtered and most “Pokemon Go” players are now left in pondering on how to hunt down pocket monsters easily. With the third-party app unstable, two alternative apps could fill in for the decline of FastPokeMap, complete with the risks of game bans and/or account suspensions if caught.

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Bangkok

‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 2 Release Date, Latest News & Update: What New Evolutions To Expect

Oct 31, 2016 11:16 PM EDT

“Pokemon Go” has regained its top spot in the app charts though much of that is due to the Halloween event that Niantic is holding for the very first time. While that should be good news, it remains that most are awaiting the next version to see what new stuff such as evolutions and enhancements there are to look forward to.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Why Did Richard Garriott Quit Playing? Ultima Creator Points Out Flaws For AR Game

Oct 31, 2016 11:14 PM EDT

There are a lot of players into “Pokemon Go”, both high profile and normal gamers. Ultima creator Richard Garriott was one of them thought the game creator reportedly stopped playing due to lack of content and differentiated strategy.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official Launch Party - Red Carpet

‘Skyrim Special Edition” Latest News & Updates: Bethesda To Release Fix For Audio Issues Next Week

Oct 31, 2016 11:11 PM EDT

Bethesda released the “Skyrim Special Edition” which was supposed to be a vastly improved rendition of “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. The graphics were as expected but Bethesda overlooked the audio side of things though a fix is reportedly on its way.

Apple's iPhone 7 And New Apple Watch On Sale In New York

iPhone 8 Release Date, Latest News & Update: OLED Screens Confirmed By Sharp CEO For Next Apple Flagship

Oct 31, 2016 11:09 PM EDT

All eyes on what Apple plans to do in 2017 when the iPhone 8 comes out with an expected major redesign. With the iPhone 7 hardly showing major iterations, word about a possible glass-backed and OLED display screen have been dished to headline the next big design for the celebrated mobile device.

WrestleMania 25

WWE Latest News & Update: Chris Jericho To Become Universal Champion At Survivor Series? [POLL]

Oct 31, 2016 11:05 PM EDT

WWE Hell in a Cell is over and done with though there was nothing too much to be excited about. Kevin Owens retained his Universal title thanks to some help from Chris Jericho though the best friends are believed to be destined to be two of the worst enemies possibly at Survivor Series.

Gamescom 2014 Gaming Trade Fair

‘The Sims 4’ Latest News & Update: Will EA Make Last Minute Game Console Version?

Oct 31, 2016 04:48 PM EDT

EA has been busy working on added content for “The Sims 4” though this has been catered solely for the PC. Still absent is a version for the game consoles though there is still some months to hope for.

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Kicks Off In San Francisco

iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak Release Date, Latest News & Update: Meager iPhone Models Get Chance At Pangu Crack

Oct 31, 2016 04:48 PM EDT

iPhone 6S owners and below who may still be running on iOS 9 get some kind of a reprieve assuming they are eager to try out what an iOS jailbroken device has to offer. Pangu has made iOS 9.3.4 Jailbreak available, a small consolation following the updated signing on operating systems recognized by the Cupertino company.

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins

NFL Latest Trade News & Update: Dallas Cowboys Giving Darren McFadden To Best Bidder? [POLL]

Oct 31, 2016 04:46 PM EDT

The Dallas Cowboys have been doing great so far even without Tony Romo. Rookie sensation Dak Prescott has been credited for the run but that doesn’t mean no trade could happen. The latest word is that Darren McFadden is being dangled though it depends on what is on the table.

Tokyo Game Show 2016 - Day 1

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Release Date, Latest News & Update: Multiplayer Mode Add-On, Nintendo Switch Version Arriving Soon?

Oct 31, 2016 11:41 AM EDT

With most games expanding features, a multiplayer mode should be something to look forward to for “Final Fantasy XV”. “FFXV” is all set to come out this Nov. 29, but the attention on what comes after it is equally interesting.

Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 Takes Place In Los Angeles

‘Street Fighter V’ DLC Release Date, Latest News & Update: Capcom Pulling the Plug On Patches?

Oct 31, 2016 11:39 AM EDT

“Street Fighter V” does well with an array of characters players can choose from but the word out is that Capcom may be double-thinking on rolling out additional DLCs. With a ton of characters already out, some characters have been either overlooked or shunned due to several reasons.

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Bangkok

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Updates: Candy Hauled Doubled, Find Out How Sweeter It Is

Oct 31, 2016 11:30 AM EDT

Niantic Labs applies an entirely different approach for “Pokemon Go” players when it held its first-ever in-game Halloween even. Players enjoyed more candy and of course more ghost Pokemon sightings, all happening until Nov. 1.

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