'Minecraft' News & Update: Latest Patch Offers 4 Amazing Features; Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack DLC Goes Live!

'Minecraft' News & Update: Latest Patch Offers 4 Amazing Features; Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack DLC Goes Live!

"Minecraft"was upgraded today, after 4J Studios rolled out updates for the game's console versions. Players can now download the 1.36 update called the "Banners, Blocks, Beats and Bears" on their PS4, PS3 and Playstation Vita.

by Louise Bonquin

Minecraft PS Vita Edition

It Shouldn't Be Long Before We Get A Release Date For Minecraft's Vita Version

The PS Vita version of Minecraft is out to Sony for final testing, according to a tweet by Minecraft's console port developer 4J Studios, meaning there's a good chance we'll be getting a release date in the near future.

by Connor Sears

Minecraft 1.8

Minecraft YouTubers Get Their Hands On The Vita Edition, Hopefully The Rest Of Us Aren't Too Far Behind

Minecraft developer 4J Studios tweeted out a picture today of popular Minecraft YouTuber Stampy testing out the PS Vita version of the game, which hopefully means a release date isn't too far behind.

by Connor Sears

Minecraft: PS4 Edition

Minecraft Developers Celebrate PS4 Edition With A Roller Coaster, Transferring Minecraft PS3 World Saves To The PS4 Is Still In The Works

Minecraft roller coasters have been a staple of block-based creativity for years, and to celebrate the recent release of Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition, 4J Studios, the developers behind the Minecraft console ports, released their own roller coaster yesterday on YouTube.

by Connor Sears

Minecraft PS4

A Good Week For New-Gen Minecraft: PS4 Version Drops Today

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed that Minecraft will be hitting the Xbox One tomorrow. Not to be outdone, Sony announced that the PS4 version of the ultimate sandbox experience will be released today, with PS3 owners able to upgrade and transfer saves for a small fee.

by Connor Sears

Minecraft Most-Played Game on Xbox 360

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition fastest selling console game in U.S.

The creator of gaming's most popular indie title says the Xbox 360 version broke retail records.

by Ural Garrett

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