Gadget Update: Make Replika AI Your New Tech Best Friend As It Adjusts to Your Personality

Gadget Update: Make Replika AI Your New Tech Best Friend As It Adjusts to Your Personality

Replika AI is a technology programmed to learn and adapt to your personality so you can have a new tech best friend.

by Flo Maxino

Taxi Drivers Protest Possible Uber Expansion In NYC

Uber News & Latest Update: Ride-Hailing Service To Have A New AI Division; Adopts Startup To Train Computers Like Humans

Artificial intelligence has become a serious revolution in the tech industry these days and now is the time for Uber to go AI.

by Susmita Pathak Mishra

Microsoft Unveils New Devices Powered By Windows 10

Microsoft AI News & Update: AI Innovation For The Visually Disabled Breaks Barriers & Is A Perfect Example Of Technology Used Correctly

The new Microsoft AI due out in 2017 will describe images to blind users.

by Arianne Gift

LipNet: How easy do you think lipreading is?

LipNet: Newest Artificial Program Interpreting Silent Sentences, Perfect Alternative For Hearing Disabled

A newly developed artificial program has been disclosed to the public which allows speech to be interpreted even without a sound.

by Samille Jan Abada

Microsoft Debuts New Products For Its XBox Gaming Unit

‘Minecraft’ Latest News, Game Rumors & Update: Project Malmo Tool Public Release Set This Week

“Minecraft” players may be on the verge of more customizations soon as Microsoft pegs the release of Project Malmo this Thursday. The tool will allow players to make artificial experiments for the popular game though some minor programming knowhow may be needed.

by Snooky Grawls

IRobot Demonstrates Possible Military Applications

‘The First Law:’ Harmful Robot Sparks Artificial Intelligence Debate

"The First Law" demonstrates that robots can inflict harm on humans.

by Bernie Yanson

China Luoyang International Robot And Intelligent Equipment Exhibition Opens

Google Wants Robot To Have Stop Button; DeepMind Technologies To Put A Kill Switch On AI

Google is eyeing to create a stop button for all the robotic system to avoid these artificial intelligence devices to dominate the world.

by Jeanne Anne

The Apple iPhone 4s Is Released Worldwide

Move Over Siri: Former Apple Employees To Revolutionize Consumer AI Through Viv?

Siri needs to step aside. Viv Labs will be launching its new all-around artificial intelligence assistant named "Viv" on Monday.

by Roleen Delos Reyes

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