LG Smartphone Latest News & Updates: South Korean Manufacturer Works With Apple, Google & Microsoft to Develop Foldable OLED Display Panels

LG Smartphone Latest News & Updates: South Korean Manufacturer Works With Apple, Google & Microsoft to Develop Foldable OLED Display Panels

LG has not yet provided an official release date for the foldable OLED screen, but it is likely that next-generation smartphones from the company, Apple, Microsoft and Google may include the component.

by V Doctor

“Apple” & “Tech” Latest Update & Rumor: iPhone 8 Will Provide What You Need With Their Massive Upgrade!

iPhone 8 Features, News & Update: New Features Include Curved Display, A11 Processor, Wireless Charging & A Lot More!

With the mixed reaction to the current mobile flagship of Apple, it is undeniable that the iPhone 8 still remains one of the most anticipated devices of 2017. There have now been news stating that the company is testing out 10 prototypes for the upcoming device to be launched on the iPhone's 10th anniversary.

by Christian M.

iPad Pro 2 | Everything We Know So Far

iPad Pro 2 Release Date, Specs, News & Update; Tablet To Feature Apple’s Latest Foldable Phone Technology? March Release Not Happening

Apple iPad Pro 2 release date expected to be delayed; but the new iPad model’s foldable screen is definitely worth the wait.

by Danny Smith

Apple Introduces Two New iPhone Models At Product Launch

Apple iPhone Latest News & Update: Dual Sim Feature Available Soon In The Latest Device?

The latest Apple iPhone is rumored to have Dual Sim in its latest devices.

by Jason Glenn

Apple AirPods

Apple AiProds vs Beats X Specs, Latest News and Updates: AirPods Continue Sales; Beats X Releasing Next Year

Apple is continuing the sale of its AirPods but may push Beats X's release to next year.

by Nens Mitchell

Apple's iPhone 7 And New Apple Watch On Sale In New York

iPhone 7s Release Date, Latest News & Update: Next Apple Flagship Possibly Coming With Thinner LCDs in 2017

The iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will reportedly come out with thinner LCDs to keep customers interested. They may come earlier than an AMOLED-backed iPhone 8 in 2017.

by Snooky Grawls

Apple Introduces New Products

iPad Pro 2 Release Date, Latest News & Update: Current iPad Sales Send Off Mixed Signals For Tablet Sequel

iPads are being offered via big discounts for the holidays, leading many to believe that an iPad Pro 2 could be coming soon.

by Snooky Grawls

Pokémon Go for Apple Watch

'Pokémon GO' Latest Update: Niantic Will Still Continue To Develop A 'Pokémon Go' App For The Apple Watch; The App Will Be Better Than The Pokemon Go Plus Accessory

Niantic has denied the news that it will be cancelling the development of the "Pokemon Go" app for the Apple Watch.

by Ceage Sotto


iPhone 2016 News & Update: Filings Indicate Apple Could Be Developing A Dual-SIM iPhone For China, India

Apple is looking into the addition of dual-SIM features in iPhones to be sold in China and India, based on patent filings, to reverse the weaker sales due to local competition.

by Vittorio Hernandez

Preview Of Upgraded Apple Store In Regent Street

iOS 10 Jailbreak Release Date, Latest News & Update: Pangu, Lucas Todesco Quitting On Apple Crack Rollout, Admit Task Unfeasible

The wait continues for an iOS 10 jailbreak but Apple may have just done enough to weather hackers from coming out with an Apple crack.

by Snooky Grawls

CeBIT 2016 Digital Technology Trade Fair

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Latest News & Update: Flexible All-in-One Could Be The MacBook Pro’s Big Downfall

Microsoft continues to step on the gas as it tries to overtake Apple with its faltering MacBook Pro 2016.

by Snooky Grawls

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

AirPod Review: Excellent For Taking Phone Calls, But Weak In Isolating Noise

A reviewer of the new Apple AirPod says while the latest gadget from the Cupertino-based tech giant is predictable in many ways, it is good for taking calls and commends its use of sensors to conserve batteries.

by Vittorio Hernandez

Facebook Declines Donald Trump's Speculated Muslim Registry Request

Facebook Declines Donald Trump's Speculated Muslim Registry Request

Facebook voices their refusal to participate in Donald Trump's speculated bid for tech companies to create a National Muslim registry.

by Michael Augustin

iOS 10.2.1 Beta 1 Released! What's New?

iOS 10.2 Latest News & Update: These Are The 5 Best Features of iOS 10.2

The iOS 10.2 update includes over 100 new emoji and various other exciting features.

by Jackie Villegas

Apple Unveils New iPad Models

iPad Air 3 Release Date, Specs Features, News & Update: Apple To Discontinue iPad Air Series After Imminent Tablet? More Details

It's been two years since Apple released the iPad Air 2, with no official announcements of the iPad Air 3 coming out anytime soon. Although some believe that it would come out next year, there are rumors circulating that the iPad Air 3 may be the last in this specific line of tablets.

by Jen Key

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