'Arrow' Spoilers, News And Updates: Show Will End Differently

'Arrow' Spoilers, News And Updates: Show Will End Differently

"Arrow" the TV series is based on the Oliver Queen's transformation from being a horrible person to a hero who will be known as the Green "Arrow". The journey has been chronicled through the course of the the 5 seasons by showing scenes from his 5 year flashbacks of Oliver Queen's survival ordeal while being stranded in an island interspersed with his present day adventures in Star City. It's been known for awhile that "Arrow" will end with the scene of a bearded Oliver Queen running towards his salvation from being stranded on an island, returning from the scene the series began with. However, with the unexpected success of the series, "Arrow" will not end the way it was intended to be.

by zekiah

Oliver Queen has a new sense of purpose going into

‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers, News & Update: Oliver Queen a Changed Man After ‘Invasion’

Oliver Queen has a new sense of purpose going into "Arrow" Season 5 after the Dominators invaded his memory in the crossover episode "Invasion."

by Adelaide Violet

Marc Guggenheim teased that the Dominators could return in a future episode of

‘Arrow, ‘The Flash,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Crossover: The Dominators Will Return

Marc Guggenheim teased that the Dominators could return in a future episode of "The Flash," "Arrow," "Supergirl" or "Legends of Tomorrow."

by Alice T.

Emmett J Scanlan might reprise Jim Corrigan aka The Spectre in

‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers, Character Updates: A ‘Constantine’ Character Debuts In Episode 13

"Arrow" Season 5 might include a cameo appearance of The Spectre in Episode 13, titled "Spectre of the Gun."

by Adelaide Violet

‘Arrow’ Season 5, episode 9 midseason finale promo and spoilers: ‘What We Leave Behind’ [VIDEO]

‘Arrow’ Season 5, Episode 9 Midseason Finale Promo and Spoilers: ‘What We Leave Behind’ [VIDEO]

Curtis is attacked by Prometheus and Oliver finds out that Prometheus has information about all the members of Team Arrow. Prometheus is coming after them. The promo for "Arrow" Season 5, episode 9 midseason finale focuses on what happens on "What We Leave Behind."

by Maz T

‘Arrow' Season 5 News, Spoilers: EP Says Laurel Lance Plays Important Role

"Arrow" Season 5 brought Laurel Lance back to honor the character and Katie Cassidy's importance in the series.

by Adelaide Violet

'Supergirl' News And Rumors: The Dominators Are Set To Return

The major Arrowverse crossover event kicked off in tonight's episode of "Supergirl" entitled "Medusa", in which Kara Danvers (played by Melissa Benoist) is enlisted by Barry Allen and Cisco (Grant Gustin and Carlos Valdes from "The Flash") to help defeating an alien race. That race is of The Dominators, highly advanced alien geneticists who have their eyes on the genetic potential of the human race.

by Armando Dela Cruz

Matt Ryan says he is open to reprising John Constantine for cameo appearances while the fate of

‘Constantine' Season 2 Release Date, Update: Matt Ryan Talks Show's Future, More CW Cameos

Matt Ryan says he is open to reprising John Constantine for cameo appearances while the fate of "Constantine" Season 2 remains up in the air.

by Adelaide Violet

legends of tomorrow 2x07 Promotional Photos Season 2 Episode 7 Four Night Crossover

'Arrow' 'The Flash' 'Supergirl' 'Legends of Tomorrow' Release Date, News & Update: First Look On Kara Danvers On Earth One; More Photos On The Epic Crossover Event

"Supergirl" visits "Arrow", "The Flash" and "Legends of Tomorrow" on the new teaser for the crossover event.

by Jason Glenn

Heroes of DCEU.

'Arrow', 'The Flash', 'Supergirl' and 'Legends Of Tomorrow' Spoilers: Here’s What You Will Go Down in the Upcoming Arrowverse Crossover

The CW has released the official synopses for the four-way crossover event across DCEU shows in the "Arrowverse"---"Arrow", "The Flash", "Supergirl", and "Legends Of Tomorrow". The event kicks off from the November 28th episode of "Supergirl", which finds DEO preventing an alien virus from spreading, while the "Flash" episode goes back in time to recount how Barry Allen and Cisco recruited Kara from her Earth.

by Armando Dela Cruz

The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow

‘Supergirl,’ ‘The Flash,’ ‘Arrow,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Crossover Spoilers, News & Update: CW Crossover Features Oliver’s Fiancee, Flashpoint Secret And More

The four-way crossover between CW shows “Supergirl,” “The Flash,” “Arrow” and “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” will feature the heroes’ battle with the Dominators and other exciting plot developments.

by RG Ferrer

Marc Guggenheim hints at Arrow's upcoming episode

'Arrow' News & Spoilers: Marc Guggenheim Tweets Title for Season 5 Episode 10

"Arrow" showrunner, Marc Guggenheim took to Twitter and revealed the title for Season 5 Episode 10 of the hit CW TV show.

by Arah TJ

The Flash vs Arrow Crossover Event

Numbers Don’t Lie, Fans Love Flash vs Arrow

The fans have spoken and it's clear: Arrow/Flash Crossover was a success! According to Super Hero Hype, the second part of the two part series entitled "The Brave and the Bold" brought in 3.86 million viewers making it number 2 in the raking of Arrow episodes. Something about the mash up of two young hip heroes just really got people going.

by Donyae Coles

The Flash vs Arrow Crossover Event

Flash And Arrow Make Up And Kick Butt In Part Two of Crossover

On December 2, two worlds collided as The Flash and Arrow premiered the first part of their crossover event. According to Entertainment Weekly, this was a smart move as Flash saw a jump in ratings. EW also confirmed what fans may have suspected early on regarding Ollie's (Arrow) family.

by Donyae

The Flash vs Arrow: Bros No More

The Flash and Arrow have both been met with fan approval. The two DC Comic-inspired television shows have both found success in their own rights. Fans will be treated to a crossover helping of the two heroes in early December.

by Donyae Coles

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