'DestinyCon' Trademark Registered By Bungie

'DestinyCon' Trademark Registered By Bungie

It appears that Bungie is getting ready to host their own convention centered on their popular shooter RPG "Destiny."

by Michael Augustin

Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer Pack Reveal – BlizzCon 2016

New 'Diablo III' Necromancer Class Details Revealed

The most recent news pertaining to "Diablo III" was announced last year during the BlizzCon 2016.

by Michael Augustin

Heroes of the Storm™ Cinematic Trailer

'Heroes of the Storm' Release Date, News & Update: Play 'The Nexus Challenge,' Receive 'Overwatch' Rewards

"Heroes of the Storm" players who participate in "The Nexus Challenge" will earn some awesome "Overwatch" rewards.

by Olivia Cavallaro

Diablo 4 Reveal at Blizzcon 2016? - The Know

'Diablo 4' Latest News & Update: Blizzard Already Working on 'Diablo' Sequel? Possible Features Revealed, Gameplay Details; New Characters, Weapons, Armor Coming?

Fans of "Diablo 4" have long been anticipating the release of the next action RPG installment. They were thoroughly disappointed though when Blizzard did not mention anything about the sequel in their event. However, there may have been clues about the game details.

by Christian Ver Marcelo

2012 Consumer Electronics Show Showcases Latest Technology Innovations

'Overwatch' Latest News & Updates: Sombra Has Finally Arrived In 'Overwatch' Public Test Region! Can Teleport And Work In Shadows?

Sombra, a free-spirited rebel, has now finally arrived in "Overwatch" Public Test Realm. Sombra's arrival will feature magic techno tricks.

by Clarice F. Bernardo

Xbox VIP Gaming Event

'Diablo 1' Remake Latest News & Update: Free PTR Coming this Week, Blizzard Not Looking to Create Standalone Game

"Diablo 1" remake isn't happening as a standalone game, but instead as a free feature in a "Diablo 3" update.

by Olivia Cavallaro

Xbox And Gears Of War 4 Atlanta Event

'Warcraft 1 & 2' Release Date, News & Update: Why Blizzard Refuses to Remaster First Two Installments of Series

Blizzard Entertainment has no intentions of remastering "Warcraft 1" and "Warcraft 2." Find out why here.

by Olivia Cavallaro

Xbox And Gears Of War 4 Atlanta Event

'World of Warcraft' Release Date, News & Update: Blizzard Reveals Patch 7.2, 'Titled The Tomb of Sargeras'

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed more details about Patch 7.2, which is arriving for "World of Warcraft" very soon.

by Olivia Cavallaro

Gamescom 2014 Gaming Trade Fair

'World of Warcraft' Release Date, News & Update: New Legendary Artifacts Unveiled During BlizzCon; See it Here!

"World of Warcraft" unveiled the new Legendary Artifacts during yesterday's BlizzCon.

by Olivia Cavallaro

Diablo III Rise of the Necromancer Pack Reveal – BlizzCon 2016

Blizzcon 2016 Update: Necromancer Class Returns In 'Diablo III,' Blizzard Introduces New Overwatch Hero "Sombra"

Blizzcon surprised fans with the return of the Necromancer in "Diablo III" and Overwatch's new hero character.

by Anna So

Sombra Official Reveal Animated Short: Infiltration! - Overwatch | BlizzCon 2016

'Overwatch' Latest Gameplay, News & Update: Sombra Officially Revealed; Arcade Section Offers New Game Modes

Blizzard officially revealed "Overwatch" Sombra's character and abilities. The new Arcade Section will be available to players next week.

by LJ Joseph

Gamescom 2015

'Diablo 4' Latest News, Release Date & Update: 'Diablo 4', ‘Diablo 2’ HD Will Be Announced At BlizzCon 2016? More Details Here

Avid fans of "Diablo 4" are excited for the annual BlizzCon 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment that will happen few onths from now. The hype is all about the possibility of a new release of the franchise and the remake in HD of the second release game.

by Daniel Flores


Blizzcon 2015 Tickets Go On Sale This Week For Quite A Price

Blizzard has announced that tickets for the annual BlizzCon will be sold in two separate batches this week. Find out how!

by Steve Buja


Ninth Annual Blizzcon Returns This November! Tickets On Sale In April

Are you ready for Hearthstone and Starcraft II tournaments? Mark your calendars, reserve your hotel room and above all, brace yourselves: Blizzcon is returning this November.

by Steve Buja


There Was A...Blizzard! Of News Released From Blizzcon 2014: Starcraft II, Warcraft Movie, Hearthstone Expansion And Overwatch, The New iP

Blizzcon wrapped up over the weekend and delivered one of the finest, most packed shows in its 10 year history. The next Starcraft expansion was detailed, the Warcraft cast was announced, hundreds of thousands of dollars were won and we got our first look at the newest IP, Overwatch.

by Steve Buja

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