‘Clash of Clans’ 2016 Latest News & Update: Balancing Patch Releases Almost Here?

‘Clash of Clans’ 2016 Latest News & Update: Balancing Patch Releases Almost Here?

"Clash of Clans" is reported to come up with a new update.

by Lilibeth C

Clash of Clans 3

‘Clash of Clans’ 2016 Latest News & Update: Supercell Upgrades Game Servers, Gives Strong Indication of Update Being Round the Corner

September is almost over and Supercell is yet to release the massive “Clash of Clans” update. The wait seems painful and fans are increasingly growing restless. Some are even worried as they are not sure if the update would come in September at all. However, Supercell’s recent server upgrade and maintenance may mean something.

by Ritwik Roy

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'Clash Of Clans' 2016 Latest News & Update: Sept. Update Postponed? Supercell Holds Ground Vs. Air Challenge, Free Trip To Finland!

Sept. is almost ending and there's still no sign of the latest "Clash Of Clans" update. Will it be moved to Oct.?

by LA Zamora

Clash of Clans 3

'Clash of Clans' 2016 Latest News & Updates: September Update Confirmed Delayed? Do Tricks for Supercell Title Still Work? More Details Here

Supercell's ever-popular title 'Clash of Clans' will have an update bound for September, which is yet to be confirmed. That being said, what else is there for the title to bring forward despite slowly sinking?

by Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano

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'Clash of Clans' Release Date, News & Update: September Update Brings Four BIGGEST Features Game Has Ever Offered; NO Dark Spells

“Clash of Clans” developer Supercell already announced their new philosophy in designing the incoming developments of the game.

by Mary P. Jones

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‘Clash of Clans’ 2016 Latest News & Update: Town Hall Major Overhaul, ClashCon Cancelled; Multiple Account Users Now Banned, Sparks Fury?

‘Clash of Clans’ updated town hall overhaul, and ClashCon was being cancelled for more Clash of Clan improvements. Booters and multiple account users are included in the ban.

by Lilibeth C

‘Clash Of Clans’ News & Update: Can Supercell’s Game Outrank ‘Pokemon Go’ With These Features Coming Out In Sept 18? Check Here What’s In Store For You!

'Clash of Clans' 2016 Latest News & Update: August Update To Fix May Mishap? Level 1-10 Players Included?

Super Cell's 'Clash of Clans' has some promises to fulfill in terms of updates. What other details does the game have in mind to get back the bad rep they had last May?

by Staff Reporter

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