MTG Arena Patch 2021.7.0 'Adventures in Forgotten Realms' Update Guide: What New Content, Improvements Players Would Experience

MTG Arena Patch 2021.7.0 'Adventures in Forgotten Realms' Update Guide: What New Content, Improvements Players Would Experience

Dungeons and Dragons will be crossing over the realms of Magic: the Gathering as the Patch 2021.7.0 Update enters Magic: the Gathering Arena. The patch itself brings for the "Adventures in Forgotten Realms" expansion along with new content and gameplay improvements.

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‘Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance’ Will it Support Cross-Play? Plus Beginner’s Tips on How to Master

Players will feel the Dungeons and Dragons experience with "Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance," which will be launched this week. The hack-and-slash game allows up to four players, and will also allow cross-play as well as cross-platforming.

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'Solasta: Crown of the Magister' Beginner's Guide: How to Create your own Fantasy Adventure

'Solasta: Crown of the Magister' is set to leave the Early Access on Steam tomorrow. Players will experience a "Dungeons and Dragons"-esque feel as they play this RPG game.

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D&D Next With R&D: The Lich-Queen's Beloved Part 1

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Features, News & Update: ‘D&D’ Makes it into 2016 Toy Hall of Fame; More Details on 5th Edition Here!

“Dungeons & Dragons” finally gets the recognition it deserves, alongside the backyard swing and “Little People.”

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Inside The 2013 Supanova Pop Cultural Festival

The 'Dungeons & Dragons' And 'Magic: The Gathering' Second Crossover Is Finally Happening! Details Here

The second crossover is called "Plane Shift: Innistrad."

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Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Grounds

Tabletop Software Fantasy Grounds Now Officially Licensed For Virtual D&D Content On Steam

Fantasy Grounds was already available as virtual tabletop software on Steam, but the adventure now extends to Dungeons & Dragons.

by Matthew Buzzi

Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Return To The Frozen North Of The Realms With This Icewind Dale Remake

Originally released in 2000 (!), Icewind Dale became an instant RPG classic, focused on an epic story in the Northern part of Dungeons & Dragons' most popular setting the Forgotten Realms. Now, developer Beamdog is bringing this well-known tale to a new generation of gamers.

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Good Guy Wizards Give You These Tomes Three To Set Forth And D&D

Wizards of the Coast has released a free PDF with the basic rules for their latest (the fifth, if you're keeping count) edition of D&D.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Tyranny of Dragons

'Basic D&D' Will Be Free, Downloadable Version of RPG System

Wizards of the Coast has announced today that they will be providing a downloadable set of rules for the upcoming D&D rerelease this summer. The best part about this? It's entirely free.

by Steve Buja

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