'Final Fantasy XV': Square Enix Teases Future Ardyn DLC

'Final Fantasy XV': Square Enix Teases Future Ardyn DLC

Hajime Tabata seems to be already planning way ahead into the future when it comes to DLC content for "Final Fantasy XV".

by Michael Augustin

FINAL FANTASY XV: March Update Trailer

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Update: Two Patches Rolled Into One; Character Stats, Gears Not Carried Over

Game developer Square Enix has just released its “Final Fantasy XV’s” huge March update that contains “Chapter 13 Verse 2.” An accompanying trailer was also released by the studio that gives a glimpse of the Episode Gladiolus.

by Mia P.

FINAL FANTASY XV: March Update Trailer

'Final Fantasy XV' Chapter 13 Update Goes Live One Day Ahead Of Schedule

Ever since Square Enix announced that an update to "Final Fantasy XV" is in the works to possibly fix the RPG's notorious Chapter 13, fans have patiently waited and even held off playing the game to await its arrival.

by Michael Augustin

Final Fantasy XV Official Moogle Chocobo Carnival Trailer

'Final Fantasy XV' DLC Features Ragnarok Sword For Warp-Strike Attack; Season Pass Owners Get DLC For Free

“Final Fantasy XV” fans may now get a free DLC with new weapon for Noctis. Moreover, Square Enix has revealed the price and details of the first episode for Gladiolus.

by Mia P.

Final Fantasy XV All Teammate Techniques (Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus)

‘Final Fantasy 15’ Carnival Event Is On The Way; YouTuber Beats Game With The Most Brute Forces

Final Fantasy 15 is expected to unveil a limited time only Carnival event soon. In the meantime, a Final Fantasy 15 gamer went live on YouTube finishing off the game with no items.

by Henry Abragan

Final Fantasy XV - Omen Trailer (North America)

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Drawbacks, News & Update: Noctis Prince Of Lucis Sets Out To Marry Lunafreya, Unites Regions

“Final Fantasy XV” will set out more actions than “Final Fantasy Versus 13.”

by Lilibeth C

FINAL FANTASY XV Attire Full List All Costumes All Characters

'Final Fantasy XV' Holiday Pack Rolled Out; 2017 DLC Adds 4 Episodes But Spin-Off Not Coming In March

Final Fantasy XV Holiday Update has been released along with new details on the upcoming DLC episodes. Moreover, Square Enix is reportedly shutting down the FFXV spin-off in March 2017.

by Ben Lindon

Final Fantasy XV - TGS 2016 Trailer

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Guide: Holiday Items Every Player Must Get

The latest update of "Final Fantasy XV" bring many new items in the game and this guide will help players decide which is worth having.

by Allan

Final Fantasy XV leak: Luna's dark story, final boss form and lost locations (FFXV ending spoilers)

‘Final Fantasy XV’ Latest News & Update: Leak Reveals Luna’s Dark Story, Scrapped Multiplayer Content, And More!

"Final Fantasy XV" originally had a darker backstory for Luna.

by Jackie Villegas

How To Beat The Pitioss Dungeon- Final Fantasy XV

How a “Final Fantasy XV” Player Beat Pitioss Ruins Dungeon in Just 6 Minutes

A player of "Final Fantasy XV" have discovered a way to finish the secret dungeon in just 6 minutes. Get all the details here.

by Allan

Final Fantasy XV All Teammate Techniques (Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus)

'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: New Upcoming DLC to Come for Free! New Features, Outfits, Items, Season Pass Details Revealed

It has long been reported that the hit game "Final Fantasy XV" will be receiving DLC updates from Square Enix very soon. What's even more exciting is that the new content update will be absolutely free.

by Christian M.

Final Fantasy XV - How to get the Permanent Aranea glitch Ch 9+ (アラネア)

'Final Fantasy XV' Guide Latest News & Update: How To Make It Work For Aranea To Join The Team For All Time!

Players today are thinking about whether Aranea can for all time join the group in "Final Fantasy XV", regardless of the occasions where Aranea appears to join the group just temporarily.

by Beverly V.

Final Fantasy 15 - HOLIDAY DLC PACK! 22 DEC. 2016!

'Final Fantasy XV' Free DLC Includes Game Reset with All Data Carried Over; Update Ready by 22nd

“Final Fantasy XV” new DLC includes a new game mode where players can reset the game but without resetting the stats.

by Allan

How To Beat The Pitioss Dungeon- Final Fantasy XV

'Final Fantasy XV' News & Update: How To CompleteThe Pitioss Ruins In Just Six Minutes

Here is how you can finish the Pitioss Dungeon in just six minutes in "Final Fantasy XV".

by Jason Glenn

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