'Half-Life 3': Gabe Newell Admits Valve Employees Teasing Fans

'Half-Life 3': Gabe Newell Admits Valve Employees Teasing Fans

Fans of Valve's "Half-Life" series have been obviously waiting for any news about the Half-Life 3 for how many years already.

by Michael Augustin

Game Maker Electronic Arts (EA) Hosts Its Annual Press Conference In Los Angeles

‘Half Life 3’ Latest News & Update: Old Base Invasion Needs Underwater Penetration

“Half Life” will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and such has brought up possible “Half Life 3” rumors once again. The only thing lacking is Valve’s confirmation, something that is unlikely to happen.

by Snooky Grawls

Competition Begins In National Video Game Event

‘Half Life 3’ Latest News, Release Date & Update: Is The Wait Over? New Game Details Revealed

The enthusiasm tied up to a potential “Half Life 3” may be slowly slipping away. Valve has yet to render some positive glimpse of progress tied up to the first-shooter game outside the previous mention of a possible virtual reality hook up.

by Snooky Grawls

Ready For A New Adventure? Six Flags To Launch World’s First Interactive Gaming Coaster

'Half-Life 3' Release Date, News & Update: Will Valve Launch VR-Ready Installment Soon? All-new Game Features Revealed!

The wait continues for a possible “Half-Life 3” though most of the things coming out have nothing more than rumors. It has been more than 10 years since gamers last got the chance to play the first-shooter game and most continue to hope for the best.

by Snooky Grawls

Half Life 2 Deathmatch Mod Instagib

'Half-Life 3' Release Date Rumors, News & Update: Is The Rumored 2018 Release Too Optimistic?

It has been a very long wait for loyal fans of the franchise. Is Valve Corporation actually planning a "Half Life 3" release?

by Mark Jason Alcala


'Half-Life 3' Release Date & Rumor: A Full VR Half-life 3 In This Lifetime?

Recent rumors circulate that 'Half-Life 3' is currently in the works which would be a full VR game and a release date set two years from now.

by Mark Jason Alcala


Controversial Shooter 'Hatred' Returns To Steam Greenlight With An Apology From Gabe Newell Himself

Hatred is back up on Greenlight following an apology to the developers from Gabe Newell himself.

by Connor Sears

Half-Life 3

Reddit Promises Gabe Newell's AMA Still Incoming

Reddit Mod - "Just to be clear: there is no indication that the AMA is cancelled; just that we don't know when he plans to actually come answer questions."

by Luke Caulfield

Half-Life 3

Gabe Newell Promises Reddit AMA if Seattle Children's Heart Center Donations Reach $500,000

The man himself - "I'll do an AMA once we hit $500K in donations to the hospital. How's that?"

by Luke Caulfield

Half-Life 3

With the Steam Box Coming, Will Half-Life 3 Ever Come?

Newell traces the history and inner workings of Valve, and how the company is getting away from just making games.

by Luke Caulfield

Steam Controller

Valve announcement disappoints Gearbox President Randy Pitchford

Pitchford - "I want to see Half-Life 3..." Join the club.

by Luke Caulfield

Valve Logo

Linux-based Valve hardware is still on – Gabe Newell

Valve's hardware aims to enter fans' living rooms is what's delaying Half-Life 3.

by Prarthito Maity

Cubbage G-Man

Half-Life voice actor clarifies recent statements about Half-Life 3

"The most important thing to know about voice actors is that we're the last to know anything. We don't find out about a project until we get hired to do voices for it."

by Luke Caulfield

Half-Life 3

The Worst April Fools' Joke Of All: 'Half-Life 2: Episode 3'

There is no 'Half-Life 2: Episode 3' news. Not today there isn't.

by Luke Caulfield

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