"Borderlands 3" Hinted By Hidden Message In "Battleborn"

Gearbox Software reportedly surprised a lot of fans during the Game Developer Conference 2017 with an unexpected tech demo.

by Michael Augustin

Overwatch - Orisa Origin Story Trailer

'Overwatch' Dev Discusses How Orisa Came To Be

During the most recent GDC event, Blizzard Entertainment's Michael Chu talked about the "Overwatch" and its 24th hero Orisa.

by Michael Augustin

NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080 ti - the presentation date, the characteristics

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti: Release Date And Price Speculations

Some sources from Taiwan have speculated that Nvidia is prepped to officially launch its GeForce GTX 1080 Ti video card sometimes in between March 20 to March 23.

by Michael Augustin

HALF LIFE 3 Trailer

'Half-Life 3': Gabe Newell Admits Valve Employees Teasing Fans

Fans of Valve's "Half-Life" series have been obviously waiting for any news about the Half-Life 3 for how many years already.

by Michael Augustin

inFamous Second Son

If You Thought 'inFamous: Second Son' Was Good, Wait Until You See the Fish AI

In a silly video at the end of Suck Punch's GDC presentation, we get a look at how smart the shallow water fish are in 'Second Son.'

by Alex Wolfe

Project Morpheus

Hands-on with Project Morpheus at the GDC

Check out Sony's first look at the first two demos the headset has to offer!

by Alex Riviello

Crytek Announces CRYENGINE Linux Support for GDC

Crytek Announces CRYENGINE Linux Support for GDC

Pretty graphics for the penguin.

by CJ Melendez

Destiny Tiger Man

The Triumph And Despair Of Tiger Man In Bungie's 'Destiny' [VIDEO]

Tiger Man was going to be a playable class in 'Destiny.' He got cut so here's a video detailing his development.

by Trevor Ruben


YetiZen's Damage Control With The IGDA And The GDC

CEO speaks out against the allegations surrounding their party at GDC. Says the claims are off-base.

by Luke Caulfield

Hitman: Absolution

The GDC and Dancing Girls: Everyone Just Calm Down [OPINION]

Four days worth of tech demos and game reveals for the next console generation, and this is what we're talking about.

by Luke Caulfield

Phantom Pain is MGSV

Kojima Confirms 'Phantom Pain' And 'Ground Zeroes' Are 'Metal Gear Solid 5' [UPDATE]

'Metal Gear Solid 5' tidbits game creep out during GDC. Kojima shows off Snake in two videos.

by Luke Caulfield

XCOm Enemy Unknown Soldiers

GDC 2013: Game Developers Choice Awards Nominees And Predictions [OPINION]

Who should win, will win and should have at least been recognized. Let the picking begin.

by Trevor Ruben

Battlefield 4 Leaked Art Work

‘Battlefield 4’ Reveal: The Xbox 720 and PS4 Details We Need To Know

'Battlefield 4' reveal is coming. This is what EA should actually show.

by Trevor Ruben

Battlefield 3

'Battlefield 4' At This Year's GDC?

EA's Battlefield franchise may be resurfacing at the end of March.

by Trevor Ruben

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