Nintendo NES Classic Specs, Latest News & Update: Retro Engine Sigma Lets You Play All Retro Games For $49

Nintendo NES Classic Specs, Latest News & Update: Retro Engine Sigma Lets You Play All Retro Games For $49

Doyodo Team's Retro Engine Sigma is a promising crowdfunded project that can unseat Nintendo NES Classic from being the most sought old school gaming console in the market.

by Ceage Sotto

Super Troopers 2

Help 'Super Troopers 2' Become A Reality Right MEOW! Broken Lizard's Indiegogo Campaign For Cult Sequel Now Live

The state troopers are coming back. Broken Lizard has raised the nearly 2 million dollars needed to create the sequel to their cult classic Super Troopers. More shenanigans! More Farva antics! More mustaches. All of it can be yours.

by Steve Buja

Dragon Dating Simulator

Dragon Dating Simulator: Yes, It Is Real And It Needs Your Help On Indiegogo. Forget Dinosaurs, Dragons Are Where The Love Is At.

Dragon Dating Simulator is a forthcoming visual novel game that needs your help on Indiegogo. If you've ever wanted to romance a mythical flying serpent, then have I got something to show you.

by Steve Buja

Sinclair Spectrum Vega

The ZX Spectrum Is Back With A Vengeance Thanks To The Sinclair Spectrum Vega

ZX Spectrum creator Sir Clive Sinclair has announced a Spectrum renaissance in the form of the Sinclair Spectrum Vega, a new computer that can run all games in the Spectrum's monstrous library.

by Connor Sears

Pinć VR

A New Indiegogo Campaign Wants To Bring A Portable VR Experience To iPhone 6 Owners

iPhone 6 owners may be able to get in on the VR fun soon enough, thanks to a new Indiegogo campaign.

by Connor Sears


Dandycan, Metal And Leather Headphones Built To Last Forever, Now On Indiegogo

Swedish designer Daniel Åhman became fed up with how often he had to replace headphones. He decided to focus his energy on creating a pair of headphones that were beautiful, yet built to last far longer than anything on the market.

by Barry Eitel

USS Enterprise Indiegogo

Tiny Town Is Preparing Warp-Drive Research, Estimated Cost: $1.1 Trillion

A tiny Canadian town launched a crowdfunding campaign to build a life-size, working model of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek. The town, tucked away in the Canadian badlands, has big ambitions but are a far ways from their hefty funding goal.

by Barry Eitel

Solar Roadways

'Solar Roadways' Technology Could Revolutionize Our Roads, Needs Crowd Funding for Large-Scale Use

As the video for this innovative technology states, our roadways have not changed much over the past few decades, while almost everything else has. Solar Roadways is looking to change that, seeking to replace our paved streets with high-tech solar-paneled roads with many environmental benefits.

by Matthew Buzzi

World of Diving

Exploring the Abyss With The Oculus Rift And The World of Diving

Bringing underwater immersion to the masses courtesy of crowd funding.

by Luke Caulfield

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