EA Fines 'Madden Bowl' Winner

EA Fines 'Madden Bowl' Winner

Reports have noted that the popularity of eSports has been steadily growing over the years.

by Michael Augustin

Xbox One button

What Microsoft Did Right And Wrong At Its Xbox One Reveal [OPINION]

Can the Xbox One compete against Sony's upcoming Playstation 4? Well, we know both have the Wii U beat already.

by Ural Garrett

Nintendo Wii U

EA Not Developing Any Games for Nintendo's Wii U

Is EA shunning its promise of an 'unprecedented partnership' with Nintendo? Looks that way.

by Binu Paul

Madden NFL 25

'Madden NFL 25' Cover Voting Now Open

Gamers can vote for their favorite cover athletes for 'Madden NFL 25.' Up first, Curtis Martin vs Jerome Bettis, and Von Miller vs Victor Cruz.

by Luke Caulfield

Madden NFL 25

EA Sports Officially Announces Madden NFL 25, It's Release Date And A New Cover Vote

EA Sports has officially announced the next entry in its long running virtual football franchise, Madden NFL 25.

by Juan G. Rodriguez

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