'One Piece: Thousand Storm' Pre-registration Is Now Available

'One Piece: Thousand Storm' Pre-registration Is Now Available

Bandai has recently released its projects of bringing another "One Piece" mobile game, with "One Piece Thousand Storm" getting released this winter.

by Beverly V.

One Piece

'One Piece' manga News & Update: Sanji and Luffy's Rift A New Story Arc?

See latest news and update about the "One Piece" manga.

by Staff Reporter

Holy... This is INTENSE | One Piece Chapter 845 FIRST REACTION

One Piece’ Episode 846 Spoilers: Luffy Caught by Big Mom’s Army But Escapes; Saves Sanji Just Before His Wedding Starts

In "One Piece" episode 846, Luffy is likely to be captured by Big Mom's Army together with Nami. But its possible that the two will be able to escape and comes back for Sanji to save him from marrying Lady Pudding.

by Allan

StrawHat Pirates (Sanji) Vs Big Mom Pirates

'One Piece’ Chapter 846 Spoilers: Sanji Gives In and Joins Luffy; Luffy Defeats Big Mom’s Army With Help From His Friends

In the latest episode of "One Piece", Luffy is seen clashing with Sanji as he promises not to move even a muscle until Sanji comes back to him.

by Allan B.

File:Anime Expo 2011 - Monkey D Luffy - One Piece (5917382511).jpg

'One Piece' Chapter 826 Rumors, News, And Updates: Germa 66 And The Real 'Sora' Is Coming Soon, Evil Whims Revealed?

"One Piece" chapter 826 shows Luffy's team struggling with Germa 66.

by Stella Arellano

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