Pokemon GO' Latest News & Update: Update 0.39.0 for Plus Devices; Capture Location, Incense, Sync Issues & Bugs Fixed

Pokemon GO' Latest News & Update: Update 0.39.0 for Plus Devices; Capture Location, Incense, Sync Issues & Bugs Fixed

"Pokemon GO" was supposed to get a boost after Pokemon GO Plus hits the market but it seems that Niantic reaps nothing but more complaints. This is going to change soon with update 0.39.0 looming around the corner.

by Regin Olimberio

Gamescom 2016 Media Day

‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Release Date, News & Update: More New Creatures; Z-Moves, Customizations Coming [Watch Trailer]

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" are scheduled to launch on Nov. 18, 2016 on Nintendo 3DS.

by V Doctor

Popularity Of Nintendo's New Augmented Reality Game Pokemon Go Drives Company Stock Up

'Pokemon Go' Enters Nintendo NX Domain; Hybrid Console Confirmed!

Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO of "Pokemon", confirmed that the popular game "Pokemon Go" will be brought to Nintendo NX.

by Clarice F. Bernardo

Nintendo Kids Corner Event At E3 2014

Pokemon Bank Release Date, News & Update: National Pokedex To Cover Players’ Entire Collection; Release Postponed to 2017?

Pokemon Bank will acquire a huge update in January 2017, particularly a national Pokedex.

by V Doctor

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Bangkok

'Pokemon Red and Blue' News & Updates: This Nifty Hack Lets You Play As A Girl; How To Download The ROM Edit

The initial concept art design for both "Pokemon Red" and "Pokemon Blue" reveal a female playable character that did not make it to the game itself

by V Doctor

Pokemon Go Launches In Hong Kong

'Pokemon Go' Buddy System Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To NOT Waste Candy With Reminders, Counterfeit App Warning

With Niantic's long awaited "Pokemon Go" Buddy System Update now in full swing, fans of the popular location-based augmented reality game are already enjoying the new update. As the continued growth of the "Pokemon Go" counterfeited apps or hacked version of the game, Niantic is warned the community of using the said app.

by Dave Matthews

Pokemon-Mania Takes Indonesia By Storm

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Updates: Niantic Rolls Out Buddy Pokemon Update

Niantic has added the buddy feature early in an update to "Pokemon Go."

by Joe Marsalis

Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone

'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Niantic Labs Prepares for Patch Notes Release for Android, iOS; Features and Improvements to Expect

"Pokémon Go" is getting its new update soon and this was confirmed by the Niantic Labs team. The upcoming patch notes is called the 0.37.0 update for Android and 1.7.0 for iOS platforms. This latest update will deliver features, fixes and improvements that trainers have been waiting for.

by Louise Bonquin

Pokemon Go Launches In Japan

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Niantic Labs Intensifies Fight vs. Cheaters; Designated Captcha Feature as Anti-Cheating Device

"Pokemon Go" recently issued permanent ban on players who have been caught cheating. In addition to account removals and possible legal action, Niantic Labs intensified its campaign against cheaters by adding the captcha feature. It was incorporated in the game to block fraudulent accounts.

by Louise Bonquin

A Celebration of Harry Potter At Universal Orlando

'Harry Potter Go' Latest News & Update: Has Niantic Labs Secured Rights to Produce 'Pokemon Go' Inspired Game? Is It Already In the Works?

"Pokemon Go" was phenomenal and players around the world love the game so much. The game did not just brought excitement and happiness to players but it also brought people together and helped businesses earn more profits as their establishments get designated as Pokestops.

by Louise Bonquin

Nintendo Heads East To Let Fans Play The Best Games Of PAX, Present And Future

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Release Date, Latest News & Updates: How To Use The Z-Ring & Z-Crystals

"Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" are set to be released on November 18

by V Doctor

Pokemon Go

‘Pokemon Go’ Tips & Tricks: Getting to Know Teams; Which One is Best For You?

"Pokemon Go" literally swept the world since the day it was released. With millions of players around the world, the app-based game made history with its number of downloads and soaring revenue that it generated not just for Niantic Labs but for business establishments as well. Eventually, the game was called as the greatest game of all time.

by Louise Bonquin

Pokemon Go Launches In Hong Kong

‘Pokemon GO’ Tips & Tricks: Winning in Gym Battles is Important; Here are the 10 Strongest and Must-Have Pokemon to Ensure Victory

"Pokemon Go" players' first goal in the game is to catch Pokemon and the next ones are to dominate gyms and earn more XPs to level up fast. In terms of gaining experience points, one of the quickest ways to do it is by winning battles in the gym. This is why any player should own a number of strong Pokemon that can be sent to the battles.

by Louise Bonquin

86th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Updates: Four Newest Pokemon Characters Revealed [Watch Video]

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" officially release on Nov. 18, 2016

by V Doctor

Pokemon Go Launches In Hong Kong

‘Pokemon GO’ Tips & Tricks: Take Over Gyms with these Surefire Tips for Defending and Attacking Gyms in the Neighborhood

"Pokemon Go" is about earning XP and leveling up as a trainer. To advance in the game, catching Pokemon is the primary way until level 5. Once this level is achieved, the player can now join the gym battles and winning can make leveling up fast and easy.

by Louise Bonquin

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