'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Guide: '3 Important Things To Do When Capturing Ultra Beasts & Legendary Pokemons

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Guide: '3 Important Things To Do When Capturing Ultra Beasts & Legendary Pokemons

When ccapturing ultra beasts and legendary Pokemons in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," you must do the three important things that determine a smooth and sure capture if done accordingly.

by Switchy Sam

Pokemon GO Goes Live In Bangkok

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Big Splurge Could Start With The ‘12 Days Of Christmas’

There is growing belief that Niantic will show off its generosity, including more spawns this Christmas.

by Snooky Grawls

Discover the Final Evolutions of the Starter Pokémon in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon!

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' News & Update: Global Mission to Hunt for 100 Million Pokemon is On! Here's the Details on How to Join

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” launched its global mission event where players around the world must work together, to accumulate a total of 100 million Pokemon, to win the challenge.

by Louise Bonquin

 'Pokemon Go' Christmas Update Release Date Details and News

'Pokemon Go' Christmas Update Release Date Details and News: A Merry Time for Players to Come Back to; More Features Revealed

It's been a while since "Pokemon Go" has reached it's peak. With the holidays coming up, Niantic has got a lot in store for you to enjoy the app during this season.

by Ara

RUMOR-Pokémon Go December Update to Add Trading, Raising, & Gen 2 Pokémon

'Pokemon GO' Release Date, News & Update: Christmas Event Brings Legendary & Gen 2 Pokemon? How to Prepare for the Holiday Update

"Pokemon Go" Christmas update coming on Dec. 25. Expect more bonuses and appearance of legendary Pokemon.

by Louise Bonquin

Pokemon Go

'Pokemon Go' Latest News, Fixes and Updates: Major Update Coming This Month; More Pokemon to be Added

A major update is coming to the "Pokemon Go" which hopes to add more Pokemon and bring fixes to the game.

by Nens Mitchell


'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest, News & Updates: Global Event Urges Players To Capture 100 Miliion Pokemon Worldwide And Win A Special Prize

First ever "Pokemon Sun and Moon" global events takes place. To capture over 100 Pokemon worldwide.

by Jason Glenn

‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’: 5 Best Places To Gain EXP [GUIDE]

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Best Places To Gain EXP

Increasing your level is important in "Pokemon Sun & Moon" and there are several places in Alola to gain those EXP.

by Danny Smith


‘Pokemon GO’ Gen 2 Release Date, News & Update: December 7 Launch Confirmed? Eevee Evolutions, Legendary Birds, New Tracker, Trading Coming Also?

A lot of players observed the changes of “Pokemon GO” since it was first launched. Number of players playing “Pokemon GO” increased after Niantic released the Halloween Event and Thanksgiving Event. Fans and players are now curious what Niantic’s next plan is for “Pokemon GO.”

by Maui


‘Pokken Tournament Arcade’ Latest News & Update: New Playable Pokemon To Arrive December 1; Original Character Coming?

The latest character in "Pokken Tournament Arcade" will reportedly be announced on Dec. 1, 2016.

by V Doctor

Pokémon Origins | Mimikyu

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' News & Updates: Mimikyu May Be Porygon Holding A Grudge Against Pikachu for Two Decades

All the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" theories point to the idea that Mimikyu may actually be a dangerous creature with a grudge.

by V Doctor

Pokemon Sun and Moon

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest News & Update: Force Pokemon Transformation With Evolution Stones; Locations Revealed

“Pokemon Sun and Moon” players can help specific Pokemon creatures with their transformation by using evolution stones.

by RG Ferrer

Pokemon Sun and Moon

‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’ Latest News & Update: Ultra Beasts Catching Tips For Nihilego, Pheromosa, Guzzlord

‘Pokemon Sun and Moon” gaming tips to capture Ultra Beasts Nihilego, Pheromosa and Guzzlord.

by RG Ferrer

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Pokemon Creatures To Stockpile For Gen2 Release; Candy Costs Revealed

With the speculated release of second generation “Pokemon Go” creatures, players should start to increase candy inventory and hang on to a few Pokemon monsters.

by RG Ferrer

Game Freak’s Surprisingly Accurate Office in Pokémon Sun & Moon (Easter Egg)

‘Pokémon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: Find Out What Game Freak’s Unabashed Easter Egg Is

An Easter that’s predictable yet entertaining – know what’s next for “Pokémon Sun and Moon.”

by Arianne Gift

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