'Pokemon' Game for Nintendo Switch Hinted By Recruitment Ad

'Pokemon' Game for Nintendo Switch Hinted By Recruitment Ad

Nintendo fans have reportedly noticed that Game Freak has posted two recruitment ads for an unannounced project for a console.

by Michael Augustin

Pokemon Sun and Moon

“Pokémon” Latest News & Updates: First "Pokémon Sun and Moon" Global Mission Fails, Misses To Catch 100M Pokémon Worldwide

The first global Pokémon hunt was a failure with players from around the world registering only 16.4 million catch, way below than its 100 million target.

by Jun Pasaylo

Two Zygarde Formes Are Ready for Battle!

'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Guide: Go And Catch 'Em All The Zygarde Cells As Exact Locations Are Revealed

Travel across the land of Alola with the full list of locations and catch all the Zygarde cells to get its Complete Forme.

by Camille Travilla

Pokemon Stars for Nintendo Switch + New Mario RPG - The Know Game News

Pokémon Sun And Moon Release Date, News & Update: Here's How Different Gameplay Is; Pokémon Stars Now On Nintendo Swift!

The Pokémon Sun and Moon has reportedly rolled out with several changes especially to the older creatures in the game. Furthermore, Pokémon Sun and Moon: Stars is slated to roll out on the newest Nintendo console Switch.

by Mia P.

Hamleys Christmas Showcase

'Pokémon' Sun and Moon Creatures Latest News & Update: Could Possibly Direct To Pokémon Go?

Developer Niantic had projections for what the server load would be for the game at launch. An 'assuming the worst possible scenario' representing the reality it was releasing a highly built up spinoff from a revered franchise in its twentieth commemoration year - was that request may hit five times the volume of the group's objective take-up.

by Beverly V.

Pokemon Go Craze Hits New York City

'Pokemon GO' Latest News & Updates: Nest Migration; 'Niantic' CEO Confirms Pokemon Trading & Legendary Pokemons

The current Pokemon Nest migration has occured while Niantic CEO confirmed Pokemon Trading and Legendary Pokemons

by Jason Glenn

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