'Overwatch': Updated Numbani PTR Map Teases New Character

'Overwatch': Updated Numbani PTR Map Teases New Character

Blizzard Entertainment has been reportedly teasing "Overwatch" fans for the last few days.

by Michael Augustin

Overwatch New Hero Speculation - Soundquake, Athena, Liao, or all Greek? | Hammeh

'Overwatch': New Events, Event-Related Contents & Heroes Prioritized, According To Blizzard Entertainment

Players are apparently aware of the upcoming end of the competitive play season three for "Overwatch."

by Michael Augustin

Overwatch IMMORTAL BASTION - Can he die? - Nano Boost Testing

'Overwatch' PTR: Bastion Reportedly Overpowered By Latest Buff

Overwatch has been all over the news in the past week, especially with its incoming changes like the new Server Browser, character balances and its "Year of the Rooster" coming to an end this week.

by Michael Augustin

Overwatch Animated Short |

'Overwatch': Bastion & Mercy Adjustments In Latest PTR Update

Blizzard Entertainment has been reportedly throwing a lot of gameplay updates for its well-received team-based shooter "Overwatch."

by Michael Augustin

Developer Update | Introducing The Server Browser | Overwatch

'Overwatch': Jeff Kaplan Details Incoming Server Browser Update

The popularity of "Overwatch" is reportedly credited to its consistent updates and new features.

by Michael Augustin

Heroes of the Storm Gets Amped Up

'Heroes Of The Storm' Welcomes Lucio From 'Overwatch'

Blizzard Entertainment's "Heroes of the Storm" has been constantly adding more characters from its popular games.

by Michael Augustin

Gamescom 2016 Media Day

'Overwatch' Latest News & Update: Game Gets Salt Filters That Transform Insults In Chat Into More Polite Statements

In an undocumented change, "Overwatch" now has a chat filter that hilariously changes a certain salty phrase commonly said in game chat, into more palatable responses.

by Staff Reporter

Blizzard Entertainment's

'Overwatch' Public Test Region Now Accessible in Most Countries

Blizzard Entertainment's "Overwatch" now has a Public Test Region for fans who want to enjoy upcoming patches before they are released.

by Olivia Cavallaro

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