Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, Release Date, Latest News & Update: Dual Screen Display Rumored; A Foldable Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8, Release Date, Latest News & Update: Dual Screen Display Rumored; A Foldable Smartphone?

Rumors are circulating that Samsung is developing a "dual-screen" smartphone that uses a flat display on each side and another one that is foldable.

by CJ Estimada

2014 Samsung Flexible OLED Display Phone and Tab Concept

Samsung Galaxy S8, Note 8 Release Date, News & Update: Foldable Galaxy S8, Note 8 Coming In 2017? 3 Other Incredible Features Revealed!

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 could be flexible and foldable.

by Jackie Villegas

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

“Foldable Smartphones” Release Date, News & Updates: Next Big Thing For Samsung, Apple?

After the success of curved-screen Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the Korean company now gears toward foldable smartphones and it would not be impossible that Apple will follow suit.

by Jun Pasaylo

Samsung's foldable phone

Samsung’s Foldable Smartphone Tipped On Track For 2017: Detailed Patent Reveals Design And Features

Samsung is rumored to release its foldable smartphone on 2017 that are unlike presently available smartphones from Samsung, you can bend it yourself.

by Danny Smith

Samsung Galaxy X - 4K Flexible Display Smartphone will launch in 2017!

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone Release Date, News & Update: Company Insiders Reveal Another Set Back

Get the latest news and update on one of Samsung's most anticipated device, the Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone!

by Ceage Sotto

Samsung flexible foldable phone to launch in 2016

Samsung's Upcoming Foldable Phones Unveiled; Galaxy S8 To Sport A 6.2 Inch Display

Smartphone maker and display manufacturer Samsung is believed to launch new and much upgraded smartphones in 2017.

by Godswarrior010

Samsung phones on display

New Patents Reinforce Earlier Rumors Tied Up To Potential Samsung Foldable Phone

Samsung is no stranger to offering foldable smartphones though the previous ones were not really flagship classes. The case may be different moving forward with patents and rumors building up. The latest patent includes a foldable Samsung smartphone that can be charged while also offering security features such as a fingerprint and/or iris scanner.

by Snooky Grawls

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