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'Sleepy Hollow' Season 4 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Crane Gets New Partner, Embarks on New Mission; Exciting Plot Details Revealed!

Dec 11, 2016 08:30 AM EST

"Sleepy Hollow" Season 4 came as quite a surprise for both the fans and the cast of the show, as neither had any idea that the show would be renewed. For the next season, Ichabod Crane will be accomplishing his mission of finding the next Witness. He is said to become a different man than what he used to be.

Sleepy Hollow

Background Noise: Sleepy Hollow, Season 2 Episode 5 'The Weeping Lady' Review And Recap

Oct 21, 2014 03:13 PM EDT

Another meaningless Hawley cameo, but the writers make the contrivances work to good effect in the show's latest adventure.

Sleepy Hollow

Background Noise: Sleepy Hollow, Season 2 Episode 4 'Go Where I Send Thee...' Review And Recap

Oct 14, 2014 08:59 AM EDT

An average-level episode has our heroes chasing after the famed Pied Piper on a desperate rescue mission. We also get to see Ichabod get his Tokyo Drift on.

Sleepy Hollow

The Cast And Crew Of Sleepy Hollow Talk All Things Season 2 In Roundtable Interviews

Oct 13, 2014 03:06 PM EDT

Sleepy Hollow made a big splash at this year's NYCC. Cast members Lyndie Greenwood, Orlando Jones and Sakina Jaffrey were on hand alongside several of the creators to dish on guns, demons, the new sheriff and the unexpected success of television's most ridiculous show.

Sleepy Hollow

Background noise: Sleepy Hollow 'The Root Of All Evil' Review: Literally A Demon Coin, And A New Intriguing Character

Oct 08, 2014 08:29 AM EDT

The latest episode has our heroes chasing down a demon-possessed coin that brings out the darkness in whomever possesses it. We are introduced to a hopefully recurring new character who can root out many more magical tokens to be used in the war between good and evil.

Sleepy Hollow

Background Noise: Sleepy Hollow Season 2, Episode 2 'The Kindred' Review - Monsters, Mayhem And Another Classic Ichabod Rant

Sep 30, 2014 01:16 PM EDT

The second season sophomore episode only ever looks forward as it sets up the players for a variety of plots and twists. Also, supernatural monster battle and Crane ranting about credit cards. What else do you need?

Sleepy Hollow

Background Noise: Sleepy Hollow, Season 2 Episode 1 'This Is War' Recap and Review

Sep 23, 2014 12:57 PM EDT

The season 2 premiere picked up almost precisely where season 1 ended in FOX's surprise hit, Sleepy Hollow.

FOX Unveils 'Sleepy Hollow' Season 2 Teaser And We're All So Very Excited

Jul 10, 2014 09:31 AM EDT

FOX has just unveiled the first teaser for the highly anticipated second season of their surprise hit, Sleepy Hollow.

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