'Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron' Announced: Third Starter Set Releases July With New Avengers Dice

'Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron' Announced: Third Starter Set Releases July With New Avengers Dice

Quarrior! is a remarkably fun game that's infinitely expandable, so it was only natural to see how well Marvel Dice Masters adapted the system and crammed it full of familiar super heroes and villains. Now the third starter set is on the way, and it's all about the Avengers: Age of Ultron.

by Alex Riviello

Ghostbusters: The Board Game

'Ghostbusters: The Board Game' Release Date Window & Price Announced: Arriving Just In Time For Halloween

Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced that their hugely successful Kickstarter-funded project Ghostbusters: The Board Game is coming to retails this October 30. This is the first officially licensed Ghostbusters tabletop game in nearly 30 years, and it appears to have been worth the wait.

by Alex Riviello

Lost Cities

'Lost Cities' Card Game Review: A Reprinted Version Of Reiner Knizia's Classic That You Need To Own

Reiner Knizia's classic 2-player game Lost Cities has been reprinted by Thames & Kosmos, and absolutely belongs in your collection.

by Alex Riviello


Brian Michael Bendis And IDW Team Up To Adapt 'Powers' Into Tabletop Board And Card Games

After the successful debut of the PlayStation-exclusive tv show, Powers creators Brian Michael Bendis and IDW have joined up to bring a new line of games to the tabletop market. Expect the first next year.

by Steve Buja


'Munchkin' Trading Cards, Dog Tags And Other Spin-Off Products Announced At GAMA

Board game company Renegade Games has teamed up with Steve Jackson Games to produce a series of collectible trading cards, treasure packs, dog tags and other tchotkes based on Jackson's beloved Munchkin.

by Steve Buja

Ghostbusters: The Board Game

Exclusive Toy Fair Interview: Ghostbusters: The Board Game Wants To Capture New Tabletop Gamers

We spoke with the creative director of Cryptozoic Entertainment at the New York Toy Fair 2015 about their Kickstarter darling Ghostbusters: The Board Game, discussing how it plays, why they chose to go co-op, and where the company sees themselves in the gaming world.

by Alex Riviello

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens Blows Kickstarter Records out Of The Water

As the Kickstarter for Exploding Kittens drew to a close it became clear that this Kickstarter was one for the ages. A card game that has exploding kittens in it has managed to become the third largest Kickstarter campaign raking up $8.8 million in funds.

by Donyae

Ghostbusters Trading Cards

New Ghostbusters Merchandise Premiering At Toy Fair 2015: Board Game, Trading Cards, Minis... Stay Puft Apron?

Cryptozoic Entertainment recently shocked the geek community with the announcement of a Kickstarter campaign to produce an officially licensed Ghostbusters board game, but now they have revealed that they have many more collectibles on the way... including a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man apron and hat set.

by Alex Riviello

Ghostbusters: The Board Game

Kickstart This! Ghostbusters: The Board Game Campaign Brings Your Childhood To A Tabletop Near You

Board game studio Cryptozoic Entertainment has launched - and nearly completed - their Kickstarter campaign for Ghostbusters: The Board Game, a new cooperative analog title for one to four players that lets you live out all your childhood fantasies.

by Steve Buja

Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga

'Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga' Hits Stores In May: Publisher Offering Exclusive Minis To Those That Pre-Order

IDW Games and Pandasaurus Games have not only revealed when you'll be able to play their updated version of the Viking epic 'Fire & Axe', but has revealed exclusive minis that will only be available by pre-ordering this game.

by Alex Riviello

CHEW: Cases of the FDA

CHEW: Cases of the FDA Card Game Announced For May

No longer just a hit comic book series, IDW Games has announced the official release date for CHEW: Cases of the FDA, the first in their line of CHEW tabletop games, as well as a number of pre-order bonuses.

by Alex Riviello

Cones of Dunshire

Kickstart This! The Cones Of Dunshire From Parks And Recreation Is Now A Real Board Game That You Can Make A Reality

Though Ben Wyatt might not be the Architect of this particular version, his vision lives on with the Cones of Dunshire Kickstarter boardgame, being created by Mayfair Games. Donate today and if you give enough money, you too can own a copy of the world's most ridiculous game.

by Steve Buja

The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse

Will You Survive The Zombie Apocalypse? Find Out In ‘The End Of The World Zombie Apocalypse.

It's the end of the year. As one year ends and we await the next, it's the perfect time to wonder about whether this will be the year that it all comes crashing down. Will this be the year the world ends? I don't know but you can test how you'll fare in The End of the World: Zombie Apocalypse.

by Donyae Coles

The Witcher Adventure Game

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: The Best Board And Card Games Of The Year

While the big video game publishers continue cranking out the same games year after year, we can look to the tabletop gaming industry to find all the innovation, new gameplay possibilities, and little plastic miniatures that you can ever ask for. If you're looking for a good game to purchase for the tabletop fan in your life, look no further- each of these games will offer hours upon hours of enjoyment.

by Alex Riviello

Star Wars Imperial Assault

Star Wars Imperial Assault Board Game From Fantasy Flight Released In A Galaxy Not Too Far Away

Fantasy Flight, purveyors of board games that are confusing to young and old alike, have released Imperial Assault a new two-in-one tactical game set in the Star Wars universe.

by Steve Buja

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