'Valkyria: Azure Revolution' Coming To The West As 'Valkyria Revolution'

'Valkyria: Azure Revolution' Coming To The West As 'Valkyria Revolution'

Sega confirms the western localization for "Valkyria: Azure Revolution," which is supposedly retitled to "Valkyria Revolution" for western markets.

by Michael Augustin

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‘Valkyria: Azure Revolution' Release Date, News & Update: Battle Demo Version 2.0 Revealed; Sega’s Voice Actor Guessing Campaign Launched

In “Valkyria: Azure Revolution” battle demo version 2.0, there will be three missions that gamers can engage in and play as many times as they like.

by AASalvador

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'Valkyria Chronicles' Release Date, News & Update: Game Returns In The Most Unexpected Way

"Valkyria Chronicles" is coming back to enter into the world of "World of Tank Blitz. " This is a collaboration of Sega and Wargaming which is a unique work that can benefit both.

by Ikie W Abarquez

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‘Valkyria: Azure Revolution’ Latest News & Update: SEGA’s Handheld Game Arrives January 2017

get the latest news and update about "Valkyria: Azure Revolution"

by Staff Reporter

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