LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Gets Some Free DLC In The Form Of DC's Superpowered Women In 2015

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Gets Some Free DLC In The Form Of DC's Superpowered Women In 2015

WB detailed some of the upcoming DLC coming to LEGO Batman 3 in 2015. Of particular note is the free Heroines and Villainesses pack, which features many beloved women from across the DC universe.

by Steve Buja

Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman Director Short List Is In: Bigelow, Hardwicke And Who Else On The All Female List?

WB is putting its massive plans into motion. First stop, directors. The company has released a short list of who's who of female directors who they want to bring the Amazonian princess to the big screen for the very first time.

by Steve Buja

San Diego Comic-Con

GameNGuide's Official Top 10 San Diego Comic Con Film And Television Events To Attend

We here at GameNGuide are no strangers to the workings of SDCC and to the love of film and television the convention brings. Let's give you a rundown of some of our most anticipated things to see at San Diego.

by Steve Buja

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa Will Play Aquaman In Justice League Film

WB is quickly filling in the gaps of its upcoming franchises. The company recently announced its plans for a shared DC superhero universe akin to Marvel's Avengers series, lining up a half dozen films from now until 2018 and the first of several missing parts has just been cast.

by Steve Buja

Justice League

WB And DC Reveal Potential Dates For Upcoming Slate Of Superhero Films

Warner Bros is finally catching up with the times. Instead of wishing they were like Marvel in the comic book movie department, they are actually doing something about it, annoying plans for tons of superhero projects. Shazam!

by Steve Buja

Arkham Origins Copperhead

Copperhead will be a villain in Batman: Arkham Origins [Trailer]

Another assassin out to collect the bounty on the Bat's head revealed by Warner Bros. Montreal at Comic Con

by Luke Caulfield

Arkham Origins figures

Action figures show how villains will appear in Batman: Arkham Origins

Leaked shot of the first wave of action figures based on the upcoming Arkham Origins game have some of the rogues gallery going for a more realistic look.

by Luke Caulfield

Batman: Arkham Origins

'Batman: Arkham Origins' May Have Multiplayer [RUMOR]

New enemies include some longtime Batman rogues like Firefly and Killer Moth. Details of multiplayer remain sketchy.

by Luke Caulfield

Batman 5

Rocksteady Has Faith In Warner Bros. Montreal for 'Arkham Origins'

'Arkham Origins' gets the Rocksteady seal of approval. Now everyone can calm down.

by Luke Caulfield

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