‘Gran Turismo Sport’ Audio Design Improvements Drop Vacuum Cleaner Sound; High-Octane Gameplay Footage Released, Sooner Launch Possible

By Mia P. , Updated Mar 28, 2017 04:50 AM EDT

"Gran Turismo" series continues to be among the favorites in PlayStation since late 90s due to a number of reasons, except for the audio design. Fortunately, several improvements have been given to address this flaw.

"Gran Turismo's" Cars  Do Not Come With A "Vacuum Cleaner" Sound Anymore

Whether the players in "Gran Turismo" are driving a 4.0L V8 of the E92 BMW M3 or a V12 Aston Martin DB9, they are reportedly treated to a sound compared to a vacuum cleaner, missing the chance to stimulate the real world. Meantime, "Forza Motorsport's" audio has seen some improvements with each release, which is now believed to be much ahead of what "Gran Turismo 6" delivered.

"Gran Turismo Sport," however, released a beta recently and based on reports, its audio became highlight of the show, given the sudden number of complexity found in the cars. In fact, exhaust notes of cars such as Jaguar F-Type GT3 and BMW Z4 GT3 GTSport have been made with incredible tonality and breadth, including the diversity in the audio presentation as every car radiated its own personality.

Improvements brought in "Gran Turismo Sport" allows the sound of the transmission as players downshift at a corner, including the exuberance of the engine being put on complete display as they hit redline revving out of their apex. Incidentally, several subtleties to be heard were not found in previous titles, which makes it all the more impressive, Game Revolution reported.

"Gran Turismo Sport" Beta Releases New High Octane Footage

"Gran Turismo Sport" has released a new high-resolution gameplay footage on YouTube, which takes the fans deep into action. However, this is made available in closed beta only, which started on March 17 to select PSN users in the US.

Meantime, there is no confirmation yet on the exact release date of the game, though developer Polyphony Digital hinted in August 2016 of a likely 2017 launch, GameSpot reported. Watch "Gran Turismo Sport" - Closed Beta Trailer | PS4


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