PS4 Gameplay 2017: PC Slams Xbox One, Nintendo Switch In Exclusive Games, But ‘GTA 5 Online’ PS4 Gets Map Expansion

By Ben Lindon , Updated Mar 30, 2017 07:24 AM EDT

PS4 is losing in the "exclusive" war among platforms. The winner, however, is not Xbox One nor even the Nintendo Switch, despite the wonderful "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." Apparently, PC gaming is the most preferred platform.

PC Offers The Better Exclusives Than The PS4

Comparing to PS4, the PC platform is believed to be better in terms of quantity, given the fact that it gets an overwhelming number of games that no other platforms could ever get. According to reports, the PC is an ideal testing ground for the games of the future, even before they could get through the loops needed to get onto a console.

Unlike the PS4, a considerable amount of the most popular games in the world are PC exclusives, including "DOTA 2" and "League of Legends," not to mention the fact that the whole genres on PC are either closed to or totally missing from the console. Reports also suggest that builder sims and strategy games are almost exclusively playable on PC. Incidentally, the older games are actually PC exclusives even if they used to be played on a console, Forbes reported.

"GTA 5 Online" On PS4 Gets New Update And Map Expansion

PS4 version of "GTA 5 Online" received new updates as Rockstar looks to filling every week with new content in time for a huge summer launch. According to reports, a DLC is currently being created for Xbox One, PS4 and the PC, which means the fans could expect a variety of new vehicles, Adversary Modes and some miscellaneous items.

In the PS4 version, a new vehicle and new items for the Content Creator tool was unveiled last week, including The Hijak Ruston. Based on reports, the new vehicle costs $430,000, while the new Content Creator expands the stunt race features.

"GTA 5 Online" received the Special Vehicle Circuit update, along with the availability of Rocket Voltic, Ruiner 2000 and Blazer Aqua, including new Props to highlight their distinct abilities, Express reported. Top 10 NEW PS4 Games Of 2017

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