‘Dark Souls 3’ Patch 1.11: 60fps Undelivered; Preps Game For Last DLC

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 10, 2017 06:45 AM EDT

"Dark Souls 3" patch 1.11 has rolled out on all platforms. The latest update brought new treats to the gameplay such as upcoming DLC support, gameplay balance, and new content. Most importantly, the update takes pride in bringing enhancement to the Playstation 4 Pro version. The game fans, however, are still wishing that its display is improved with higher frame rate perhaps. 

The "Dark Souls" game developer FromSoftware, has been working for months to maximize the power that the Pro version has over the standard one and gamers have been looking forward ever since it was announced. The studio has not mentioned any specific frame rate for the game, which many were expecting to hit 60fps.  However, it is not the case as early tests showed, but it offers a great improvement compared to the 30fps offered by the standard console, The Tech reported.

Currently, "Dark Souls 3" is averaging in the mid-40s frame rate.  Areas with no gameplay action going on, like looking up to the sky, could theoretically provide up to 60fps, which does not normally happen.  According to fans, the game studio failed to deliver a higher frame rate, which is what they have promised in the first place. FromSoftware, however, was quick to react that they did not give out a specific frame rate figures to begin with. 

Other reports mentioned that the lowest they got from the game is at 36fps, in heavy cluttered scenes. The PlayStation 4 Pro was faster to recover from the hiccups it experiences, thus providing a smoother gameplay experience.

Meanwhile, the  "Dark Souls 3' Patch 1.11 also preps the game for the second and final DLC, 'The Ringed City,"  which is also made available today, March 28.  Gamers can now experience the final journey into Lothric's Dreg Heap area, according to PC Gamer.

Additionally, the latest patch also brings in updates for The Ringed City and two new maps for Undead Match, Dragon Ruins, and Grand Roof events.  Several bug fixes are also included.


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