‘NieR: Automata’ Guide: Three Ways To Earn Money Quickly

By Allan , Updated Apr 03, 2017 08:33 AM EDT

A “NieR: Automata” player can never have enough money in the game so this guide is all about helping players earn as many in-game money as quickly as possible. In the game, the currency used is G and there are many ways to earn it. In this article, players can learn three ways to earn G money in the game fast.

Finish All Side Missions

Although not all side missions in the game are fun to do, completing them can be very rewarding in “NieR: Automata”. Not only does it give a lot of items, Twinfinite reports it also gives EXP to level up fast but also a big amount of G money. So whenever a player encounters a side mission, don’t ignore it and finish it.

Increase the Drop Rate

Another method to earn more G money in the game is by selling according to Game FAQs. Now for players to be able to sell something, they actually need to get things to sell. And one way to acquire that is from the expensive machine parts taken from a player’s defeated enemies. If players increase their drop rate, they get more parts to sell which means more G money acquired. Some of the most expensive machine parts can sell up to 10,000 G each so the effort is really worth it.

Sell More Items

Each player can keep up to 99 pieces of every item found in the game but that doesn’t mean a player must have 99 pieces of each item to enjoy the game. If a player has too many pieces of one item, it wouldn’t hurt to sell a portion of it such as Crystals, luxury items like chokers and bracelet, even fish. All the items that are not really useful in the game can be sold in exchange for money which is a more useful item to hoard in “NieR: Automata".

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