‘Superman Bomberman R’ Free DLC: Additional Levels, Characters To Come; Nintendo Switch Version Available For $45.99

By Mia P. , Updated Apr 07, 2017 11:21 PM EDT

"Super Bomberman R" has made a comeback on Amazon, returning to console gaming after nearly a decade. Moreover, the "Super Bomberman R" developers recently unveiled a new, free downloadable content for the game in a Konami-sponsored episode of "The Game Theorists." The short teaser trailer spanned 15 seconds and is yet to reveal a timetable for the release of the free DLC.

New Characters To Be Introduced In Nintendo Switch Game

For the most part of the teaser, YouTubers from around the world were featured competing with one another in an international competition in-game. Towards the end of the stream, host MatPat then unveiled that new content will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch game. It is expected that the "Superman Bomberman R" upcoming free content will encompass new stages and characters, Nintendo Everything reported.

While specific details are yet to be revealed, it has been noted that levels and characters will be involved in the upcoming free "Superman Bomberman R" DLC. It is expected that the free DLC will keep gamers interested in the game beyond the in-game currency levels and bombers. The current "Superman Bomberman R" on the Nintendo Switch console has eight players to boot as well as sizable amounts of add-ons.

Pricey Game Features Single Player And Multiplayer

In other news, Amazon is currently offering "Superman Bomberman R" to Nintendo Switch gamers for $45.99. The bomb-planting robot was previously featured on the Android and iOS platforms before launching on the recently revealed hybrid console. Take note that the game features a single-player mode as well as highly competitive multiplayer modes requiring serious time in the Bomberman boot camp, PCMag reported.

"Superman Bomberman R" has been noted as a simple and highly accessible cat and mouse game. Dominating in the game requires patience, anticipation and deft use of power-ups. Note that a glove is an effective tool that gives gamers a combat advantage as it allows gamers to directly interact with bombs and hurl them a few blocks away. Check out the teaser video below:


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