‘Persona 5’ Tips: How To Bring Persona To Weak State

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 06, 2017 08:31 PM EDT

"Persona 5" gaming experts have revealed tricks up their sleeves on how to negotiate and capture Persona in the game. Apparently, gamers may have to study a Persona's personality and weakness before trying to negotiate or eliminate a whole bunch and leave one out. It has further been noted that the PS3 and PS4 exclusives are a cast-iron instant cult classic.

Negotiate With Previous Knowledge On Weakness And Personality

"Persona 5" brings back negotiations with enemy Persona. The process may be tricky since negotiation requires gamers to answer a number of questions that will lead to the capture of the Persona. To capture the Persona in the game, it would deal with the gamer's knowledge of the personal traits of the character.

"Persona 5" gamers may opt to use the skill that unlocks the weakness of each Persona or perform elemental magic attacks and guns to see which moves cause the Persona to achieve a weak state. Once the weakness is known, the R1 button may be used to make the Persona enter the weak state then negotiate them to recruit them or ask for money and items.

"Persona 5" gamers may opt to spend some time to level up Sun Arcana before negotiating with their chosen Persona. Note that reaching the max rank for that Confidant allows gamers to let the Persona join the party without relying on negotiation, Gearnuke reported.

A "Persona 5" hack is to make the Persona panic and join the party out of fear. An All-Out attack may be performed, killing a group of Persona and leaving just one alive with little help left. The Persona will panic with fear and be given the option to join the team or give money and items.

"Persona 5" Is Not A Mere Afterthought

In other news, the PS3 and PS4 exclusive may not have photo-realistic graphics like a Hollywood movie but it does have bags of style out of every crevice and corner, Express UK reported. Note that even minute details like the menu screen are filled with vibrant animations in "Persona 5" showing how much thought and care has been placed in the game. It should also be noted that the Sony exclusive has been in development for nearly a decade.

"Persona 5" gamers take on the role of a Japanese high-schooler who aims to solve a supernatural mystery he got caught up in with his friends. The teenagers lead a typical life by day but play the role of Phantom Thieves by night. The group is on a mission to change the world as they are armed with paranormal ability to jump into an alternate dimension known as the Metaverse, where adults show their true nature.

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