‘Battlefield 1’ Free DLC: Regular Players Will Now Get Premium Perks; Interesting Details Revealed

By Ben Lindon , Updated Apr 06, 2017 09:07 PM EDT

"Battlefield 1" developers recently announced that owners of the game premium will now be allowed to share the perks of the experience with standard players. On this note, DICE gives free DLC access to "Battlefield 1" players who have not purchased the premium via their friends. Note that the DLC maps will be available to all gamers on PS4, Xbox One as well as PC through Prime Friends.

Premium Friends Trial Run Went Live

It should be noted that Premium Friends who purchased a "Battlefield 1" Premium Pass may now invite non-premium gamers to a party that can play on every map in the game. Note that non-premium players will no longer be required to own the content. Premium Friends may now give the whole gaming community a chance to play "Battlefield 1" together as a whole. Furthermore, a trial run of Premium Friends went live during the Battlefest starting March 30, PC Aficionado reported.

Previously, DICE also launched "They Shall Not Pass" DLC to Premium Pass members. The DLC comes with four new maps entitled Fort Vaux, Verdun Heights, Soissons, and Rapture. Note that the DLC will be followed by three DLC packs including "In the Name of the Tsar," "Turning Tides" and "Apocalypse."

Season Pass Owners Still Get Exclusives

In other news, DICE noted that at least one player in a party must own the "Battlefield 1" Premium pass for the rest of the gamers to come on board all the DLC maps on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The change is expected to solve the problem of being unable to play certain maps with friends, Express UK reported. However, it should be noted that "Battlefield 1" players who do not own the season pass DLC content will not be rewarded with XP.

"Battlefield 1" gamers may opt to purchase the season pass later as XP will be stored then rewarded to players only upon purchase of the season pass. In addition, weapons and vehicles will only be available to Premium pass holders.

Moreover, Activision is also following DICE's lead as "Call of Duty 2017" goes back to World War 2 in the rumored upcoming game of the popular shooter franchise.


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