‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Guide: The Best Sniper Rifles In The Game And How To Upgrade It

By Allan , Updated Apr 04, 2017 07:33 AM EDT

In “Mass Effect: Andromeda”, there are different sniper rifles that players can acquire all throughout the game. Each weapon has its own advantages that make it difficult for players to determine which the best from the rest is. So to make it easy for the players, this article will discuss the best sniper rifles in the game and how to fully upgrade it.

Isharay Sniper Rifle

First in the list is the Isharay Sniper Rifle that can be researched through the Heleus Research Data Points. It uses Plasma rounds with a maximum ammunition at 14 counts. Its weight is 55 so it can be a bit heavy but its damage is the highest compared to other sniper rifles when upgraded. The cost, of course, will be expensive but it's all worth it when players win battles using it.

Aside from its other costs, players will need to spend 24 Shell Filaments, 10 Vanadium, 20 Angaran Meditation Crystal and 50 Fluorites to fully upgrade it according to VG247. It uses Plasma rounds and designed by Angaran.

M-90 Indra Sniper rifle

Next on the list is of best sniper rifles in “Mass Effect: Andromeda” is the M-90 Indra according to Gamerant. It's not as powerful as the Isharay but it is an automatic sniper rifle which can be a better weapon depending on the mission. It has a maximum clip size of 25 and has one of the best fire rates in the game. It is equipped with three Augmentation slots and the first one costs 125 Milky Way Research Data Points.

To fully upgrade the weapon, players will need 20 Omni Gel Canisters, 50 Cadmium, 100 Graphite, and 10 Element Zero. But once upgraded, it has the best accuracy stat on any long range shots that a research can get. Now all the player needs with it is the best armor in “Mass Effect: Andromeda” to protect them.

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