‘Destiny: Age Of Triumph’ Guide: How To Defeat Templar Challenge In Vault Of Glass Raid

By Allan , Updated Apr 06, 2017 04:23 AM EDT

It is the second week of “Destiny: Age of Triumph” and the Templar challenge is one of the challenges featured in the Vault Glass Raid. This challenge is not really easy to complete but if successfully completed, will reward new loots, ornaments and powerful primary weapons. For that reason, winning the Templar challenge is important which is exactly what this guide is all about.

What to Expect from the Templar Boss Fight

Of course “Destiny: Age of Triumph” players must expect stronger opponents, Oracles spawning faster and harder to defeat, and they now come in color red according to Gamerant. The new Oracles are different from the last one and must be destroyed by the players. Keep in mind that the relic will protect them from death when the negation ritual is in the process.

How to Finish the Templar Challenge

So to finish the Templar challenge, players must be fast and use powerful weapons to defeat them. Players only need to finish two of them to complete the challenge so it shouldn’t be too difficult. Players must defeat them before they teleport or everything will be much difficult. When players use the relic, it is important to remember that once their shield is down, the boss will try to teleport to a different place in the arena. Players will know where they went when they see a red circle with light.

Blocking a teleport should be easy when done correctly. All the player needs to do is to go in the red circle and wait until it says “The Templar calls for its minotaurs” according to VG247. One good strategy to finish the challenge is to get two Titans on the team who can place the Ward of Dawn bubble in the teleport spots. These spots should be located in the pillars in the right and left of the boss. With this strategy, players can get protection from the blast of the Templar and at the same time block any attempt to teleport.

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