Xbox One Sales: Walmart Discounts Xbox One by $50, only $450 for Titanfall Bundle

By CJ Melendez , Updated Mar 21, 2014 12:17 PM EDT

Well, this is unexpected. It seems that the Xbox One has received a temporary price cut at Walmart. The retailer has today listed the Xbox One Titanfall bundle for just $449.96 today. That's $50 off of a bundle that already includes a free game.

In order for the sales price to appear, buyers will have to put the console bundle in their Walmart cart. The discount comes as a surprise because it just simply appeared on the retailer's site. There's no word how long the sale will last or how many units Walmart will have in stock on their website. We're also not sure if the sale applies to in-store purchases.

The standard Xbox One should also be on sale, but why on earth would you buy that one when it lacks a free copy of Titanfall? Even if you don't want it, you could always sell the code or give it to a friend!

A big detractor from the Xbox One is its sales price. But with the release of Titanfall, the console's sales have gone up significantly. Reducing the console's price with free entry to the latest hot new game will no doubt drive lots of people to pick up an Xbox One.

Just last week we reported that the Xbox One saw a near double sales increase with the release of Titanfall in the UK.
If this sale is not just limited to Walmart and is a sign of an impending price drop across the board, then Microsoft may be in a position to catch up to Sony's PlayStation 4. Competition is so exciting.

Via: Polygon.

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