‘Persona 5’ Players Warned Not To Livestream Or Publish Their Gameplay By Atlus USA

By Allan , Updated Apr 06, 2017 04:48 AM EDT

Atlus USA has posted a warning to players not to live stream or publish certain parts of the game content online. The company will only allow certain parts of the game to be published but this does not include the highlights of the game. Anyone found to violate this rule can receive a take-down notice, a content ID claim and even a report against the YouTube account used.

According to Gamerant, Atlus USA has rules against online content creators publishing spoilers of the game. And the specific parts of the game that the company doesn’t want to be posted about includes Yasuke’s interaction after the first introduction, any scene or action that includes the “Student Investigator”, the ending part of the three palaces, any of the boss fight not including the Kamoshida battle, and any video after the 7/7 date.

Reports claim that almost all of the allowed content has already been posted by Atlus PR so there is nothing left for other content creators to post about the game. This news shouldn’t be new to Japan content creators because the same rules have been imposed in the Japan version of the game’s previous installments according to Polygon. And any YouTubers found to post prohibited game footages have been contacted by Atlus Japan.

However, Atlus USA said they will try to help YouTubers that was reported in the past by Atlus Japan for posting the game’s content. For that reason, it looks like Atlus Japan is stricter in imposing their rights of ownership compared to Atlus USA. Although the USA company is somehow practicing a neutral ground, they still need to follow the rules required by the game’s creators. Aside from “Persona 5”, Atlus USA also owns franchise rights for other video games like “Guilty Gear”, “Demon Souls”, and “Ogre Battle”.

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