'Overwatch': $8 Million Lawsuit Awarded To Blizzard Against Cheat Maker

By Michael Augustin , Updated Apr 06, 2017 06:15 AM EDT

Last year, Blizzard was reported to have filed a lawsuit against Bossland, a cheat program creator. The developer apparently initiated the claim for damages due to the cheating software Watchover Tyrant for "Overwatch" and Honor Buddy for "World of Warcraft" made by Bossland. Just recently, the California District Court awarded the "Overwatch" developer statutory copyright damages worth over $8 million. Additionally, the cheat programmers are also liable for another $174,872 to cover the attorneys' fees.

Bossland is also prohibited from offering software that gives an unfair advantage for some players within the United States. It appears that Blizzard has invested their time and money to prevent these cheating programs from affecting their user's gameplay experience. Game Rant notes that the court has ruled in favor of the game developer based on these findings and more. Moreover, the "Overwatch" developer's reputation was allegedly affected by the exploits.

Based on the court's ruling, it was noted that "Blizzard has established a showing of resulting damage or harm." This was apparently supported by the developers "substantial" expenses to combat "the use of Bossland Hacks to ensure fair gameplay. The released statement also refers to the player's negative feedback against "Overwatch" and "World of Warcraft" cheaters. This has apparently caused some of their players to "cease playing."

Another report also confirmed that prior to the court's decision regarding the lawsuit, Bossland communicated with TorrentFreak to announce that the company will not stop its practices no matter what the court rules. It seems like they won't be able to do so anymore after the lawsuit was ruling was in favor of the "Overwatch" developer. It is speculated that the cheat services will continue outside the US for now.

According to a report from Polygon, Bossland still has four pending lawsuits in Germany. The website is also still accessible for the meantime, but the link for the "Overwatch" cheat program Watchover Tyrant is no longer found.

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